Student Branch Information:

A local enthusiasm by students of university or college should exist for the formation of Student Branch of SID. Display related research or teaching should be part of the activity of the university.


  1. A 'petition’ is necessary for initiating any action for the formation of a student branch. The petition should be prepared by a student volunteer who is interested in running the chapter or a faculty advisor.  Said person will interact with the SID Chapter in the Region, to which the Student Branch will be affiliated if approved by SID. The Petition Form is available here. A common bylaw of the SID Student Branch is available with the Chapter Formation Chair.     
  2. The filled-in Petition, along with a copy of the ‘Bylaws of the Student Branch’, with the name of the Student Branch and agreement to comply with the bylaws, should be sent to Chapter Formation Chair of SID with a copy of each to the Chair and Director of the affiliated SID Chapter and Vice-President of the Region in which the Chapter is situated. 
  3. Minimum number of students petitioning for the formation of SID Student Branch will be communicated by the Chapter Formation Chair of SID.
  4. The Chapter Formation Chair of SID, in consultation with the Chair/Director of the affiliated SID Chapter and with his recommendation, will submit the Petition to the Executive Committee of SID.
  5. After examining the Petition the Executive Committee will approve the formation of Student Branch.
  6. Approval/non-approval will be communicated to the proposed chapter with a copy to the faculty advisor, affiliated SID Chapter Chair and Director, and Vice-President of the Region.
  7. Upon approval, the Student Branch will be provided with initial ‘seed money’ of up to a maximum of US$1,000 in accordance with the policy of SID.

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