The Society for Information Display is recognized as a tax-exempt entity, or 501C3, by the US Government and State of California. As such, donations to SID are tax-deductible charitable contributions under the US Internal Revenue Code Section 509(a)(2). Donations can be made to support SID's annual awards, a given program such as webinars or student travel grants, or to our general fund, which supports SID activities as defined in our bylaws:

1. The purpose of SID shall be:

a) To encourage the scientific, literary and educational advancement of information display and its allied arts and sciences, including, but not limited to: the disciplines of display theory, display device and systems development, display systems and applications, display peripherals, display materials/ processing/ manufacturing, display measurements, imaging, image processing, hard copy, printing, information science, display design, display input/output devices/interaction, display perception and the psychological and physiological effects of display systems on the human senses.

b) To maintain a central repository for data relating to information display and its allied fields which shall be accessible to all qualified members of SID for research purposes.

c.) To provide forums, by establishment of regular periodic publications and regular conferences, for the exchange and dissemination of ideas relating to the field of information display.

d) To promulgate definitions and standards pertaining to the field of information display

e) To conduct these activities and achieve these objectives without pecuniary profit to its Directors, officers or members; any balance of money or assets remaining after the full payment of corporate obligations of all and any kinds shall be devoted solely to the above stated purposes.

2. The scope of SID is non-national

The scope of SID is non-national, embracing all territories of interest to its membership. SID shall maintain its principal offices in the USA, from which it shall carry out its general administrative functions in accordance with applicable laws.

Donations can be made to SID by mailing us a check or online in increments of $50 in our bookstore. For example in SID's bookstore, to donate $150, you would change the donation quantity from 1x$50, to 3x$50, or to a quantity of 100 for $5,000, etc. For further information on making a cash or estate donation, please contact SID HQ by phone (408) 879-3901, fax (408) 879-3833, or