Mission Statement

DTS trains the next generation of leaders in the display industry. We achieve this by imparting knowledge of information display related science & technology, business, marketing and manufacturing that will serve the electronic display industry.

The school is committed to curating and disseminating knowledge by working with academic and business partners to provide this knowledge to its students with an education that combines fundamental science and practical knowledge of information displays. We seek to help our students develop passion for electronic displays and build successful careers.

About DTS

DTS is an educational branch of the Society for Information Display (SID). It is managed by SID’s Display Training School Committee, which in turn reports to the Executive Committee of SID. The establishment of the Display Training School Committee was approved at the board meeting of SID in Daegu, Korea on the 24th of August 2014. The current Chair of the Committee is Dr. Qun (Frank) Yan, a well-known display industry professional and strong advocate of display technology education and training.

The task of the Display Training School Committee is to coordinate the SID’s global education resources and to help setup training programs at regional display training schools around the world, starting in China. The committee is also responsible for evaluating the quality of training programs provided by the regional schools when a certificate from the SID is issued. The regional display training schools are responsible for financial support of any of their training programs. The committee helps the regional schools recruit members of SID for teaching positions.