The Display Show features guests from a wide range of science, technology, and business backgrounds who share their experiences developing, producing, and shipping cutting-edge displays. Past guests include quantum dot pioneer Dr. Paul Alivisatos, technology marketing guru Regis McKenna, and leading display analyst Bob O’Brien of DSCC.

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Join SID Fellow and Past President Brian Berkeley for a series of in-depth discussions with display industry leaders and influencers.


The video in the frame above plays all episodes sequentially, the latest episode plays first. To play each episode individually, click on the hamburger icon in the top right corner of the video frame and select the episode. Here is the list of all released videos:

Episodes Guests
Episode 20 Paul Gray of Omdia
Episode 19 Dr. Tara Akhavan: IRYStec, Automotive Displays, and Resilience
Episode 18 Takatoshi Tsujimura of Konica Minolta
Episode 17 Ross Young of DSCC at SID Display Week 2022
Episode 16 MicroLEDs with Eric Virey of Yole Développement
Episode 15 QD-Display with Chirag Shah of Samsung Display
Episode 14 Florian Friedrich of FF Pictures
Episode 13 Michael Zink of WarnerMedia
Episode 12 Paul Gagnon of Omdia
Episode 11 Jason Hartove of Nanosys
Episode 10 Helge Seetzen of Tandem Launch and SID
Episode 9 Ajit Ninan of Dolby
Episode 8 Roland Wooster of Intel & VESA
Episode 7 Bob O'Brien of DSCC
Episode 6 Regis McKenna of Regis McKenna Inc.
Episode 5 Dr. Reza Chaji of VueReal
Episode 4 Dr. Euan Smith of Kaptivo
Episode 3 Max McDaniel of Applied Materials
Episode 2 Aaron Dew of TCL
Episode 1 Dr. Paul Alivisatos of UC Berkeley, U. Chicago