The SID archives contain information relevant to the history of the Society, its members, and the technology of Displays. Information may be in the form of indices of older publications; technical papers of historic significance, historical notes on technology, the industry, companies, and on (or by) individuals; listing of noteworthy artifacts; and references to publications, collections and museums that hold and store information or artifacts, providing links to these sites when appropriate. Content currently available:

1. Indices of SID Publications

a. SID Proceedings, 1969-1988*

3. SID Proceedings papers listed chronologically 1969-1988

b. Table of contents for SID Symposium Digests, 1965-1988

c. Index of Information Display magazine articles, 1963-2012

* Note: data is not fully complete in that 1.) no company affiliations are listed for authors, 2.) the first four Symposium digests have not yet been indexed and 3.) indexing by technology matter is cursory, and needs to be reviewed

2. Historical Material

a. Technology

1. Display Technology Milestone Charts (DTMCs) presented at the 2003 SID International Symposium, Baltimore; updated and presented at Display Week 2010 in Seattle; and again updated in 2012. These milestone charts identify and recognize the key and first of its kind technology and products developments for each of these technologies, in order of their historical appearance:

b. Honors and Awards

c. Symposia and Conferences

2. 1963-1989 Symposium Executive Committee Members

3. 1970-1989 Symposium Program Committee Members

d. History of the Society

3. Chapter Director & Officer History