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2021 I-Zone Exhibitor List ➢

2021 marks the Innovation Zone’s 10th anniversary, and I-Zone is now taking applications! I-Zone was created to showcase never-before-seen display technology at Display Week. Over the past decade, I-Zone has become one of the must-see events at the annual show. This year’s I-Zone is scheduled to take place in May as part of Display Week, the Society for Information Display’s (SID’s) International Symposium, Seminar and Exhibition.

I-Zone provides a special exhibit area for technology prototypes, proofs of concept, and new products that have been on the market no more than six months prior to Display Week. Selected I-Zone companies will participate free of charge for the length of the exhibition at the premier display event in North America.


“Over the past decade, I-Zone has established itself as the innovation pavilion at Display Week, where all attendees, from newcomers to industry veterans, go to check out the latest technologies from startups and universities,” says Harit Doshi, Chair of SID’s I-Zone and Conventions Chair. “Everyone wants to exhibit in I-Zone, even if they are also exhibiting on the main floor, but SID has reserved this space for the most cutting-edge demonstrations from the small companies and universities that will benefit most from this free-of-charge opportunity.”

2021 I-Zone applications submission closed.
Submit your application Here

Before submitting your application, please make sure that:

Your product or technology represents a novel advancement.

Your product or technology is not on the market or at least was not on the market before January 2021.

In addition to filling out the submission form, your entry should include:

A 100-word abstract describing your project, its innovation, and problem it is designed to solve or capability it will offer.

A one-page summary describing in more detail the novelty and potential application for your product.

Any relevant photographs, videos (no longer than 3 minutes), or diagrams. Note: links to videos or high-resolution imagery are preferred to attachments

Applications can be submitted. here

For more information, email I-Zone@sid.org


Best Prototype and Honorees at Display Week 2021

Display Week 2021 was fully virtual event. 2021 Best Prototype winners at I-Zone was Seoul National University for its new, thin and flat virtual-reality (VR) display design.

2021 Honorees in the I-Zone were:

Almalence for its computational lens aberration-correction technology for AR/VR.

Brelyon for its headset-free ultra-reality immersive virtual screen

Best Prototype and Honorees at Display Week 2020

Last year’s I-Zone took place as part of the first-ever virtual Display Week held in August 2020.

The 2020 Best Prototype winner at I-Zone was Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (Giga KOREA foundation) for its demonstration of innovative 1-micron TFT pixel design on glass for holographic display applications.

2020 Honorees in the I-Zone were:

CREAL for its light-field augmented-reality glasses.

Scrona AG for its NanoDrip additive printing process technology.

NS Nanotech for its NanoLED technology.

Best Prototype at Display Week 2019

Holst Centre for its highly transparent, thin-film biometric scanner integrated on top of a flat-panel display

The 2019 I-Zone honorees were:

Boréas Technologies for its low-power, multi-frequency haptic driver architecture suitable for mobile devices

LPKF Laser & Electronics AG for its novel laser-etching process enabling foldable display substrates

Sonavi Labs for its digital stethoscope with a unique integration of low-power display and touch technology with global life-changing implications

TouchNetix, Ltd. for its commercialization of multifunction IC that includes capacitive touch, force sensing, and haptic feedback

Best Prototype at Display Week 2018

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

The 2018 I-Zone honorees were:

Dimenco, founded in 2010 by former Philips engineers, showed its newest LC alignment layer for switchable lenses in the I-Zone

Hong Kong Beida Jade Bird Display Hong Kong Beida Jade Bird Display (JBD) showed an active-matrix microLED in a chip format with 5K pixels per inch and 1 million cd/m2of luminance (green rated at 500 lu, red rated at 300 lu, blue at 250 lu).

PlayNitride, Inc., created a transparent display using a unique process to transfer its RGB microLEDs onto the backplane substrate. The group showed a 3.12-in. diagonal 256 × 256 resolution, transparent, full-color RGB microLED display with a luminance of more than 800 cd/m2and a wide color gamut

XTPL SA has developed technology that enables ultraprecise printing of nanomaterials. According to the company, the XTPL solution allows users to repair interrupted thin conductive lines in the production stage, without complicated, slow, and expensive vacuum processes.

Best Prototype at Display Week 2017

IGM, University of Stuttgart, in partnership with Hella KGaA Hueck & Co.

The 2017 I-Zone honorees were:

Jasper Display Corporation and glō for a megapixel silicon backplane (4K × 2K) and spatial light modulator technology for microdisplays.

Turtle Beach and Nepes Display for HyperSound Glass, the world’s first highly directional and transparent parametric sp eaker.

Best Prototype at Display Week 2016

nVerpix Takes Best Prototype Honors in the I-Zone

I-Zone 2016 Winner Interview Here

Best Prototype at Display Week 2015

Ubiquitous Energy for its ClearView Power Energy Harvesting technology

I-Zone 2015 Winner Interview Here

Best Prototype at Display Week 2014

Ostendo Technologies for a novel Quantum Photonic Imager display device.

I-Zone 2014 Winner Interview Here

Best Prototype at Display Week 2013

Shinoda Plasma Co., Ltd., for a new film-type display using plasma tube arrays.

I-Zone 2013 Winner Interview Here

Best Prototype at Display Week 2012

Tactus Technology, for transparent physical buttons that rise up from a touchscreen surface on demand

I-Zone 2012 Participant Tactus Technology's VP of Business Development commented on their firm's experience as follows:

Tactus chose SID as the venue to launch our company. The event has a good mix of press, analysts, technologists and potential customers, so we thought it an ideal opportunity. We were very excited when we learned about the new I-Zone section of the show and were eager to apply for participation. Given that this was going to be our first show, the team was elated when we learned that we were selected as a participant.

The show was a non-stop flood of people. We made some very good new contacts, and also connected with companies with which we had already established relationships. The icing on the cake was when it was announced that we had won the best prototype award. It was very validating. We then had the opportunity to join the awards luncheon and be recognized with the likes of LG, Samsung and Qualcomm. Along with our launch at the show, we ramped up our PR efforts. We sent out our release the morning of the show and met with a few key reporters at the show to brief them on the announcement that we would be demoing at SID. The buzz just grew from there. Within the week, there were more than 150 articles written, more than 2.5 million people who read the news about us, and more than 1 million people who watched our product videoM. You can check the major news outlets that covered us from our website: http://www.tactustechnology.com/news.html