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Seminar Archive - 2008

December 2, 2008 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.
Speaker: Arthur Berman
Title: 3D Displays

Abstract: The main focus of the presentation will be to review the principle means of producing electronic 3D, moving images. The presentation will include brief explanations of the configurations and principles of operation of stereoscopic, volumetric, holographic and other 3D display technologies. In addition, the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of each technology will be reviewed. This discussion will serve to define the applications for which each technology is best suited. Also included in the presentation will be a summary of representative values of key specifications for each type of 3D display.

Speaker Background: Expert in the Technology and Business of Liquid Crystal and 3D Devices Extensive experience in developing new products and new processes, 31 issued US patents. Lead technologist in 4 overseas factory deployments/start ups. Skilled in analysis of production problems and the products of competitors. Last 7 years founder/senior executive in LCOS/projection technology companies. Technical lead in corporate fund raising in both the US and the Pacific Rim. Ph.D. in Physics from Kent State University. 

Click here to access Art Berman's slides in PDF format.

March 6, 2008 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.
Speaker: James Larimer, PhD, ImageMetrics, LLC
Title: The New CIE Color Space Based upon the Cone Photoreceptor Fundamentals

Abstract: In 2006 the CIE published a new color space standard based upon the cone photoreceptor fundamentals. This talk will describe those basis functions, a brief history from Newton through Maxwell leading to the new color space, and the additional published norms or correction factors included in the standard for age related changes in optical densities of the lens and other ocular media. The lecture will end with a discussion of multiple primary displays, metamerism, and the future potential for displays to reconstruct power spectra isometrically yielding true color images. (See Brill, M.H., Larimer, J. (2007) Metamerism and Multi-Primary Displays. Information Display, 23/7, 16-21.)

Speaker Background: Dr. Larimer is President of ImageMetrics, LLC. ImageMetrics provides engineering services related to the selection of task specific displays, mitigation of signal capture and processing artifacts such as jaggies, judder, and tone scale banding, and engineering issues related to color. Dr. Larimer has been a university professor and department chairmen, a program director at the National Science Foundation, and recently retired as Senior Scientist from NASA’s Ames Research Center. He has held every office in the Bay Area Chapter of the SID, and served as SID VP for the Americas. He is an Associate Editor of JSID and Co-chair of the IS&T/SID 2008 Color Conference. 

Click here to access Jim Larimer's slides in PDF format.