Individual Honors and Award Nominations

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Offline nomination form (sample form) can be downloaded after selecting Award Name.

A. Award Name

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B. Nominee Details

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C. Nominator’s citation (50 word limit)
A listing of the intended award, and a proposed citation for the award, concisely describing the nominee’s contribution
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Please enter text in the section below or upload full Curriculum Vitae as a PDF below.

D. Nominee CV
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A letter from the nominator, highlighting important accomplishments of the nominee, and describing why the nominee should be considered for the award. This nomination letter is quite important in helping the committee judge the qualifications of the candidate.

E. Letter from Nominator
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Please provide five letters of endorsement along with the endorsers name, professional affiliation, and email. Simple endorsements are allowed, but more descriptive letters (500 word max) are preferred for each.

F. Endorsements (Minimum 5 required)
Table below lists endorsements saved for this nomination. If Send Email is checked, then email will be sent to that endorser requesting to upload endorsement letter.
Name Email Address Upload Complete Send Email
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Add reference below.

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Note: Check table above for all endorsements saved for this nomination. If reference letter is not available at this time, you can choose to send email request to that endorser.

G. Nominator Information

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Before submission, please confirm all endorsement information is correct and “Send Email” box is checked only if requesting reference letter from that endorser. (Use BACK button below to view previous screen with endorsers.)

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