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The Apple Watch 4 Just Won A Prestigious Award For Its Screen Tech

Apple's wearable just won "Display of the Year" at the Display Industry Awards, which was set up to celebrate innovation in the world of screen technology. The Society for Information Display decides the awards, and they called the screen the "defining feature of the Apple Watch".


Augmented Reality Can Change Your Behavior In The Real World

A new study from Stanford's School of Humanities and Sciences has found that augmented reality(AR) experiences significantly affect people's behavior in the real world, even after they've taken the headset off. Using 218 participants and a pair of AR goggles, researchers led by Professor Jeremy Bailenson conducted three experiments.


Google Brings Augmented Reality To Search

At its I/O developer conference, Google announced that it is bringing the camera — and augmented reality — to Google Search. You could search for something like “great white shark” and then see it in front of you through your phone’s camera. The company showed similar examples with a 3D model of the human muscular system.



E Ink To Showcase Technology Leadership in Electronic Paper Displays At SID Display Week 2019

E Ink’s leadership in advanced materials and active film technology are highlighted by the introduction of two new platforms. This show marks the first public, large-scale exhibit in the U.S. of E Ink JustWrite, released in late 2018, and the first large scale exhibit of E Ink’s new variable light transmissive control films, E Ink JustTintTM.

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Epson’s New Augmented Reality Glasses Can Plug Into Your Phone

It’s pitching them to people who want a portable, private screen that runs off a familiar phone or PC. The glasses essentially pin screens in mid-air and let you control them with a phone. And they’re not just projecting a single app. You can load three apps on three different screens, switching between them by turning your head.


Louis Vuitton Unveils Smart Handbags With OLED Screen

Louis Vuitton has introduced a couple of handbags featuring flexible AMOLED displays with a 1,920 x 1,440 resolution. One of the bags is fitted with a single screen, while the other has two screens. OLED displays showed videos of colorful urban visualizations at Cruise 2020, but a video on Instagram showed one of the bags with a scrolling web browser.

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