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Facebook Is Launching Smart Glasses In 2021, Its ‘Next Step’ To An AR Device

Andrew Bosworth, head of Facebook Reality Labs, was quick to emphasize that Facebook will undergo extensive testing well before any consumer AR device would go on sale. Bosworth noted that a test version of Project Aria glasses isn’t a working prototype, calling it a “precursor to working AR” that doesn’t have a functional heads-up display.



Samsung’s The Wall Does The Impossible By Making Waves In Japan

Japan’s largest display solutions provider – NGC – released two new commercial variants of The Wall, Samsung’s most awe-inspiring MicroLED product to date. Carrying model numbers IW012J and IW016J, both displays are already proving to be a hit among NGC’s corporate customers, a company official revealed. In effect, it appears The Wall might finally allow Samsung to do the seemingly impossible and get a sizable foothold in Japan’s ultra-competitive market for commercial displays.


Sparrows News

Samsung Display Smallest 1.4R Foldable OLED Screen With Minimal Curvature

Samsung Display has announced the successful commercialization of the industry’s Samsung smallest curvature 1.4R foldable OLED. As the world’s first foldable OLED display with a 1.4R curvature, it improves usability by enhancing folding durability and reducing harmful blue light emissions. This OLED display was recently used in the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, a foldable smartphone from Samsung Electronics.



LG Wing Launch Announcement: Did You Catch The Secret Teaser At The Very End?

LG launched a new 5G phone with a swiveling display known as the LG Wing. The unveiling lasted about 45 minutes, during which the South Korean company went into detail about its Explorer Project endeavor, which promises to bring new kinds of designs to its phones. At the very end of the presentation, LG teased a possible phone with an extending display.


Mirage News

NUS Develops Smart Suit Wirelessly Powered By A Smartphone

The smart suit is made up of web-like circuitry with the inductive patterns acting as hubs at strategic locations. Custom-made sensors placed at those hubs can transmit data back to the smartphone and are powered by the smartphone’s NFC chip, removing the need for batteries. This reduces a significant amount of weight while enabling the collection of data from multiple areas on the body.


Yanko Design

The World’s First ‘Foldable Smartwatch’ Comes With A 4-Inch Wraparound OLED Display

The Nubia is to smart-watches what the plus-sized displays are to smartphones. The watch comes with an impressive 4-inch display that wraps around the upper half of your wrist, giving the Nubia the largest display on a smart wearable BY FAR. Designed to help lay information out in a way that’s easy to see no matter the angle, the Nubia’s vertical display is instantly eye-catching and is conveniently long enough so that you don’t need to scroll away on a tiny screen.

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