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Innovations in Display Tech Bring Us Closer to the Digital World



Konvision A7S Is A 7″ Touchscreen Monitor/Recorder That Records 4K60fps ProRes

Konvision has announced the new Konvision A7S. And no, it has nothing to do with Sony. It’s a 7″ 1920×1200 touchscreen monitor/recorder supporting up to 4K60 resolution signals with ProRes recording. It has a bright 1,500 nits 10-bit display, capable of displaying over a billion colours. It supports both 12G-SDI and HDMI input and output, with all of the usual on-screen tools we’ve come to expect in 2024.


IoT World Today

Sony, Siemens Extended Reality Headset Creates Digital Twins Of Products

Siemens and Sony have partnered to create a new extended reality (XR) headset, combining Siemens’ portfolio of engineering software with Sony’s XR headset to create a program for designers to virtually create and test novel products. The companies said the new system, the NX Immersive Designer, is specifically for ‘immersive engineering’ purposes, allowing users to design and interact with 3D objects in real time.


AV Magazine

Looking Glass Introduces 16″ And 32″ Spatial Displays

Looking Glass has introduced 16” and 32” spatial displays that facilitate group 3D visualisation without headsets. The displays bring XR immersion to professionals seeking visualisation tools for developing, presenting and interacting with 3D digital images, video and applications in real time. They can display holographic images, videos and real-time applications in 3D while supporting a variety of sensors to enable touchless gesture control.


What Hi-Fi?

LG Display Unveils Super Bright OLED Technology That Could Shape The Future Of TVs

LG Display has announced a handful of new OLED developments at SID Display Week 2024 in San Jose, California. These include OLED panels that can go extremely bright as well as ultra-responsive displays with jaw-dropping refresh rates. It's using this technology to pioneer its OLEDoS for VR system, meaning we likely won't see it come to any TVs for quite some time – however, these new OLED panels could open up a world of possibilities further down the line.

The Korea Herald

Korean Display Makers Show Off Next-Gen OLED Technologies At SID Event

Samsung Display and LG Display presented the next-generation organic light-emitting diodes and Quantum dot panel technologies at this year’s Display Week 2024 in the US. Samsung introduced the industry's first quantum dot light-emitting diode display, the next-generation self-luminous technology, at SID Display Week 2024. The new technology implements RGB pixels with only ultra-fine semiconductor particles called quantum dots.


Display Daily

AUO’s MicroLED Displays Take Center Stage

At Display Week 2024, AUO showcases a range of cutting-edge MicroLED display technologies, highlighting transparency, size, and flexibility. Among the technologies on show are a 17.3-inch foldable display, the world’s largest single-screen MicroLED display, according to the company, and an automotive display solution with an integrated camera. The 17.3-inch foldable display features a minimal 4mm folding hinge and functions as both a tablet and a display screen.

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