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Innovations in Display Tech Bring Us Closer to the Digital World

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E Ink And RICOH Launch World’s Thinnest And Lightest Digital White Board

The RICOH eWhiteboard 4200 is designed to connect remote sites to each other, and to main offices, to promote smarter workplaces through digitizing traditional pen-based analog operations. The ultra-portable device is useful in settings where a power source is not readily available and can be used in multiple orientations: displayed on an easel, flat on a table or hung on the wall. Updates on the boards can be seen by remote locations through WiFi usage, making meetings truly collaborative, even across distance.


Korea Times

Merck Supplies OLED Materials To LG Display

Merck has begun to supply materials for mobile organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels to display maker LG Display, the Korean unit of the Germany-based tech company said Thursday. The company said it had started mass production of hole transport materials (HTMs) to be applied to HTM and electron-blocking layers for OLED panels used in LG's premium consumer devices.


Display Daily

Avocor Announces Powerful New Edge-to-Edge Interactive Displays

Available in stunning 65”, 75”, and 85” edge-to-edge diagonals, the G series collaboration displays feature proprietary Avocor UiQ single-button touch interface and the latest generation of Avocor InGlass™ Intelligent Touch to give users an intuitive and interactive experience that achieves an equitable meeting experience for participants in the room and for those who are remote.


Pininfarina’s ‘Virtual’ Concept Car Features A Holographic AR Display

Meet the Teorema, a virtual blueprint for the zenith of road transport. The breadvan-style car ditches doors for a rear entrance, made possible by a roof that extends upwards and forwards, and packs a holographic augmented reality (AR) display. If you do decide to take the wheel, you can watch the world through that jacked-up AR display — though that could prove distracting. Of course, the concept is electric.


Simple Flying

Will Aircraft Ceilings Of The Future Be Illuminated?

LED mood lighting has long been the only way to spice up the ambiance of the aircraft cabin. But an interesting technology from Collins Aerospace takes this idea and makes it a million times better. The Secant Luminous Panel can be applied to any aircraft ceiling, or indeed cabin wall or bulkhead, and can be used to display just about anything.

ELE Times


Avidyne Announces New Flight Displays

Just in time for AirVenture 2021, Avidyne kicks the competition up a notch with its newly designed retrofit flight displays it calls Vantage. These are dual 12-inch diagonal hybrid-touch displays (PFD and MFD) with built-in AHRS and are based partly on technology used in Avidyne’s IFD-series retrofit GPS navigators, and include 3D synthetic vision, charts, airport diagrams and checklists.

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