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CES 2021: Samsung’s Huge MicroLED TVs Let You Watch Four Things At Once

Samsung's MicroLED televisions like The Wall are always some of the biggest products at CES -- literally. Last year's version was a 292-inch monster composed of individual modules that required custom installation and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The 2021 version is a MicroLED TV in fixed sizes of 110, 99 and 88 inches that costs a bit less, but is still ridiculously expensive.



Keyble Is Wearable Tech That Lets You Pay Using Fingerprint Authentication

Flywallet is an Italian fintech startup, which has unveiled Keyble at CES this week. It’s a wearable device that incorporates biometric authentication capabilities allowing users to make contactless payments and use digital services. Keyble has been developed so that it can be integrated into fashion accessories, which enables it to be incorporated into watch and wearable straps along with style accoutrements such as bracelets and bangles.

Technology Networks

Technology Networks

Introducing A New Holographic Photostimulation Solution

Developed by Scientifica, the HoloStim-3D is a compact module that seamlessly integrates with the HyperScope multiphoton imaging system, providing a turnkey, fully integrated Spatial Light Modulator (SLM) based photostimulation solution. By shaping laser beams to generate defined light patterns, with individual points projected onto specific cells or cell structures in a biological sample, holographic photostimulation enables the active interrogation of large 3D networks.

The Sun

The Sun

Samsung Reveals ‘Car Cockpit Of The Future’ With 49-Inch Windscreen TV, ‘Touchscreen Wheel’ And Stress Monitor

SAMSUNG has created a 'cockpit of the future' for semi-driverless cars – and it looks seriously cool. The driver and passengers will enjoy 5G internet, a giant TV, touchscreens, de-stressing tech and a tiredness-monitoring system. Motor giants are racing to tech-ify their cockpits, and Samsung has worked with Harman to create a vision of what that might look like.

AV Magazine

AV Magazine

‘World’s Largest Single Micro LED Screen’ Installed

The largest single Micro LED display in the world has been installed and is now in use at a command and control centre in China. The 216 sqm screen from Leyard was installed at the CHN Energy Investment company on 31 December and began operations on 1 January. Describing the P0.9 Micro LED display in a press release, Leyard said: “The whole screen has more than seven 8K resolutions, which is close to 250 million pixels.”

The Conversation

The Conversation

Holographic History Is Making ‘Night At The Museum’ A Reality

For millions of children, being dragged to a museum is a singularly painful experience, marked by time standing still rather than history coming to life. But that all could change with the development of new “mixed reality” (MR) technology, which could inject new forms of interactive storytelling into our museums – introducing holographic tour guides and immersive digital displays in place of finger-smudged glass cabinets and faded information boards.

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