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Innovations in Display

Innovations in Display Tech Bring Us Closer to the Digital World



AOTO Electronic:Proprietary LED Technology Empowering High-end Cinema

AOTO Electronics, keenly recognizing this market demand, has adeptly responded by independently developing LED cinema display technology. AOTO LED cinema display technology effortlessly achieves a 4K high resolution, providing 4 times the clarity of traditional projection technology (2K). This capability not only allows for larger screens but also presents richer details, delivering a more impactful and lifelike cinematic experience for the audience.


The Nation

South Korea Develops World’s First Quantum Dot Car Display

It marks Hyundai Mobis' entry into the high-end automotive display arena, positioning its quantum dot innovation as a challenger to pillar-to-pillar OLED display formats that span the full width of the driver and passenger dashboard. Hyundai Mobis’ new display boasts a 27-inch large curved screen with a slim profile of 14.5 millimetres, which can be reduced to 10 mm to meet specific customer needs.


Yanko Design

This Portable E Ink Typewriter Reveals Its Guts To Spirit You Away To Novel Worlds

The Freewrite Traveler is hardly a new gadget. In a nutshell, it is a portable digital typewriter that uses an eye-friendly E Ink screen for displaying the words you type. Unlike a laptop or phone, it doesn’t have any other function, which means there are no notifications or inessential features to distract you from the task of writing. It’s meant to deliver the joy of uninterrupted writing while still offering conveniences like a comfortable mechanical keyboard, saving files on the cloud, and a portable design.


Inside CI

Vestel Debuts Large Format UHD Digital Signage Displays

Vestel Visual Solutions has launched versatile new digital signage screens in three large format screen sizes. Available to resellers and integrators now, the models come in 75-, 86- and 98-inch screen sizes. Designed for 24/7 use in retail, entertainment, or control rooms, the XN+ Series uses an IPS panel boasting a 50,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, and a 178-degree viewing angle, ideal for audience engagement across the largest commercial spaces.


These Fantastic XR Glasses Gave My MacBook A 120-Inch Screen To Work With

From my view, I'm staring at a 120-inch display projected two feet in front of me thanks to a meticulous arrangement of light and mirrors within the "sunglasses." They're called Viture One XR Glasses, and instead of transmitting you into a virtual or augmented reality like Apple's new Vision Pro headset, these wearables simply extend from -- and are powered by -- the source they're connected to, serving as an ultraportable, on-your-face monitor.


Advanced Science News

Clickable Buttons That Rise Up Anywhere On A Touchscreen

Researchers aiming to imbue flat surfaces with a more physical interface have developed “PopTouch”: a millimeter-thin transparent layer that can raise clickable buttons on demand, anywhere on a screen. The technology, outlined in the journal Advanced Materials, marries the infinite reconfigurability of flat screens with the tactile interaction of a classic technology in a responsive surface that could be applied to everything from phones to car steering wheels.

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