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Yahoo! Sports

This Augmented Reality Eyepiece Lets Firefighters See Through Smoke

C-Thru by Qwake Technologies, the futuristic eyepiece that uses augmented reality (AR) so that firefighters can see through smoke. Firefighters wear C-Thru over one eye with their standard breathing apparatus. What they see when looking through it is an augmented reality video stream — a thermal camera and smart artificial intelligence image recognition work together to display outlines of objects and people in green.


Digital Signage Today

Philips Intros Social Distancing Digital Signage Solution

Philips Professional Display Solutions has introduced its customer counting and line management digital signage solution to help businesses enforce social distancing. This solution will inform customers while also engaging with them, according to a press release. The displays can deliver real-time updates via audio or a traffic light system.


Tech Digest

AR Solution Lets You Take A ‘Seat’ In Empty Stadium

Oz Sports and RVX Productions, whose work has been featured in Hollywood movies, have joined forces to add augmented reality (AR) technology to live broadcasts. OZ ARENA claims to have advanced audio support, where fans can use an app to add live audio to the broadcast. The OZ ARENA solution can be applied to live production as a per-match service. It supports both audio-only and the full immersive audio-visual solution.



Elderly Home Turns To Wearables For Contact Tracing, Sidestepping Apple-Google Limits

The Legacy in Texas uses technology from CarePredict, a startup that added contact tracing functionality to its system for elderly care homes when the pandemic struck. CarePredict’s Tempo bracelets function as a call button to summon staff, a digital room key, and a health and activity tracker. The wristbands use infrared light to connect to beacons on a wall in each room, creating a record of who has been near whom, where and for how long.


The Press

UbiQD And Nanosys Partner To Improve Greenhouse Crop Yields

UbiQD, Inc., an advanced materials company powering product innovations in agriculture, clean energy, and security, and Nanosys, Inc., the quantum dot manufacturing leader, announced that they have agreed to partner on the development and manufacturing of UbiGro® luminescent greenhouse films. Nanosys, having demonstrated quantum dot's scalability in the display industry, was a natural partner.



This Google Pixel Foldable Phone May Have The Galaxy Fold And Moto Razr Beat

A number of Google patents have appeared recently, showing the firm is considering a range of mobile options for the future, and one patent in particular gives foldable phone fans something to get excited about. According to the report, the patent details a device with a flexible display and images included in the filing appear to show a handset with a large, complex circular hinge system and a display that features a fun pull-out section, providing an even larger screen.

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