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‘Time Camera’ Generates 3D Images From Echoes Of Light

Known as temporal imaging, the new technique demonstrates the power of a type of artificial intelligence called machine learning to unearth patterns in what appears to be mere noise. A system powered by artificial intelligence uses light echoes to make a 3D movie, albeit with lower resolution than one from a 3D camera.



Google Chrome Adds Biometrics Authentication For Credit Cards

Google has integrated its Chrome browser with WebAuthn biometrics to enable biometrics authentication for stored credit cards. Cardholders who store their credit or debit card information in the Chrome browser on their Android devices can now use their fingerprint to approve a payment.


Display Daily

Royole Corporation To Present New, Advanced, Flexible Display Research Findings At SID’s Display Week

Royole Corporation, a pioneer and the global leader in the flexible technology industry, will present five technical papers during the 2020 Display Week Symposium. Organized by The Society for Information Display (SID) and taking place online from August 3-7, this virtual event features presentations from those at the cutting edge of display technologies and is the perfect platform for Royole to share their most significant recent findings.


Mashable SE Asia

Hate Touching Elevator Buttons? Try No-touch Holographic Buttons Instead

Instead of having to physically touch the buttons to pick the floor you're headed to, the only thing users will have to do in this elevator is hover their finger over the holographic button representing their intended floor. The cool thing about this feature is the fact that the corresponding physical button on the elevator will also light up, indicating a 'press'.



AUO Unveils High-end Medical And Stay At Home Economy Display Applications Targeting The Post-pandemic Era

Pioneering the next generation display technology, AUO will present a complete series of full color TFT driven micro LED automotive displays. AUO is the first in the industry (*) to adopt flexible micro LED technology to automotive applications to maximize the advantages of traffic information image quality and flexibility of car interior design.



MicroLED Architecture Prepares For Holographic Displays

The IntelliPix Microdisplay Technology Platform incorporates multiple video pipelines and constant current design blocks to address power optimization, latency, and bandwidth use. It also includes a MIPI interface that enables pixel-to-pixel uniformity in sub-5-micron-pixel microLED display space for augmented and virtual reality (AR/MR) applications.

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