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Google Is Making An Augmented Reality Microscope For The DoD

Google is set to take advantage of its experience with artificial intelligence and augmented reality to help the Department of Defense (DoD) improve the accuracy of cancer diagnoses and treatment. As part of the project, Google will create an augmented reality microscope capable of overlaying AI-based information on the samples doctors are looking at.


Semiconductor Today

Wafer-Scale Micro-LEDs Transferred Onto Adhesive Film For Planar And Flexible Displays

Researchers at the Guangdong Institute of Semiconductor Industrial Technology (GISIT), the University of Tokyo, and Foshan Debao Display Technology Co Ltd have recently developed a tape-assisted laser lift-off transfer (TALT) technique, addressing the industry’s problems of massive chip transfer and heterogeneous integration of micro-LED for high-resolution display purposes.



Producing Technicolor Through Brain-Like Electronic Devices

Structural coloration is promised to be the display technology of the future as there is no fading - it does not use dyes - and enables low-power displays without strong external light source. However, the disadvantage of this technique is that once a device is made, it is impossible to change its properties so the reproducible colors remain fixed.


Nikkei Asian Review

Mixed Reality Headsets Enter Workplaces In Japan

At Seibu Railway's Musashigaoka maintenance facility in August, a worker from Horie Railway Electric Engineering was repairing a brake, wearing a hard hat and Microsoft's HoloLens glasses. Mixed reality goggles are being introduced into workplaces in order to give long-distance technical guidance and hold remote conferences amid the coronavirus pandemic, but still face challenges such as increasing the variety of headsets and cutting costs.


Financial Express

Nimo Planet: Get Productive With This India-made Wearable

A wearable computing device with multi-screen capabilities, manufactured by a Kochi-based startup, is planning to take on tech giants such as Google, Microsoft and Apple. Nimo Planet is betting big on the Qualcomm-based Smart Glass that enables a 60-inch display in 3-meter distance. With a motion of the head, the device can enable the user to experience up to six screens. It will be HD-equivalent display using waveguide display technology.


Display Daily

New Organic Light-Emitting-Diode Material

NHK Science and Technology Research Laboratories (NHK STRL) is conducting R&D on organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs)1 for realizing flexible displays that can be folded or rolled up. To extend the lifetime of flexible displays formed using plastic film, NHK STRL has already developed a stable electron injection layer (EIL) material, which supplies electrons from the cathode to the light-emitting material, and that is also resistant to the effects of moisture and oxygen.

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