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The Verge

Nreal’s Augmented Reality Glasses Are Shipping This Month In Korea

The Nreal Light (also referred to as “U+ Real Glass”) is a light sunglasses-style headset that tethers to a separate computing device — in this case, the Galaxy Note 20. It uses spatial tracking and projected images to overlay apps onto the real world, and Nreal pitches it as a more spacious alternative to a smartphone when you’re watching videos, playing games, or reading websites.


Biometric Update

Mouth Biometrics - The New Trend In User Identity Authentication?

Dubbed Stealth, the device would be “hidden in the mouth” and resembles dental wire retainers. It would be placed on the roof of the mouth and would identify an individual based on the unique pattern of the mouth’s palate. The gadget scans pre-stored biometrics to make sure the same individual is wearing it.


Good E-Reader

E Ink Debuts New Design For Their Foldable E-Note

E INK Tokyo RND lab has been labourhously refining their dual screen system. The new iteration of the foldable e-note now features a dedicated housing unit, to protect the display, when it is completely folded shut. When you open it, it now has 3-4 new gears that work in conjunction with the hinge system, to make sure there is enough torque when opening and closing it.



Tired Of Zoom Calls? Company Offers At-Home Hologram Machines

A Los Angeles company has created phone booth-sized machines to beam live holograms into your living room. The device made by PORTL Inc. lets users talk in real-time with a life-sized hologram of another person. The machines also can be equipped with technology to enable interaction with recorded holograms of historical figures or relatives who have passed away.



Vuzix’s Smart Swim Goggles Let You See Your Performance Data In Real Time--And Get Text Messages From Your Coach

The device runs on Android with separate apps for open-water training, pool lap training and a media player that can stream video content over wifi. There’s also Bluetooth connectivity for a swimmer to connect headphones. To track performance data, Smart Swim carries a nine-axis inertial motion sensor as well as a GPS monitor that calculates yardage and stroke rate.


Display Daily

ClassOne’s Solstice Plating System Selected For Advanced MicroLEDs

Semiconductor equipment manufacturer ClassOne Technology announced the sale of its Solstice® GoldPro™ electroplating system to one of the industry's leading developers of microLED technology for advanced applications. The Solstice equipment, designed specifically for ≤200mm single-wafer processing, will be used for both R&D and production of next-generation microLED devices.

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