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2014 Display Week Symposium Digest USB
2014 Display Week Symposium Digest USB

The USB contains hundreds of Symposium presentations, on the following,but no content from other Display Week events:

Active-Matrix Devices: Advances in the innovative development and implementation of active-matrix electronics into displays and other devices. Active-Matrix Devices focus on TFTs themselves, their circuit design and application, including TFTs electrical/opticalcharacteristics, reliability, new structures, andprocessing.

Applications: Papersdiscuss unique and innovative applications of all varieties of display technologies for consumer, industrial, commercial, andmilitary fields.

Applied Vision / Human Factors: All aspects of vision, perception, and human factors as they apply to the design, image quality, and usability of all types of visual displaysystems.

Display Electronics: Circuits (integrated or otherwise) for displays, image- and video-processing algorithms, and electronic components for displays.

Display Manufacturing: Materials, process, and equipment developments for the manufacturing and assembly of display panels and displaycomponents.

Display Measurement: Characterization and measurements of displays and display components.

Display Systems: Novel integration of displays into specialized devices, as well as system-level aspects of electronic displays.

Emissive Displays: All aspects of emissive displays, including PDPs, field-emission displays, light-emitting diodes, quantum-dot displays, inorganic EL displays, and field-emission lamps. Advances in materials and processing of such devices including phosphors, quantum-dot materials, and fieldemitterswill be presented.

e-Paper and Flexible Displays: This topic includes organic electronics and printed electronics.e-paper covers electrophoretic/electrochromic/ electrowetting displays, flexible Ch-LCDs, and other novel reflective displays. The scope of the sessions is todescribe display and display components related to paper-like display technologies on novel materials. Advances directed at the development ofsubstrates, fabrication, transistors, printing, and novel deposition techniques, drive techniques, electro-optical effects, devices, manufacturing, and applications for flexible-display technology, electronic paper, and emerging display technologieswill bediscussed. Work focusing on materials is also included. This interdisciplinary topic will highlight the emerging technologies outside the paradigm of established LCD technologies.

Liquid-Crystal and Other Non-Emissive Displays: Advances in the development of liquid-crystal and other passive-matrix displays, including electro-optical effects, materials, and devices.

Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (OLEDs):The display design and performance of small–to–large-area panels, including OLED displays utilizing poly-Si, a-Si, and microcrystalline silicon is included, CMOS, crystalline silicon, and emerging areas of organic TFTs and mixed-oxide transistors, including ZnO-based materials, will be described. Papers that will discuss the progress and challenges for OLED display performance and manufacturing issuescompared to that of LCDs and plasma displays are also included. Furthermore,topics on OLED signage and OLED lighting solutionswillbe discussed.

Projection Displays: Applications for projection displays continue to grow as they continue to dominate the large-screen market and become more common even for small images. All aspects of projection displays, including components, finished projectors, complete projection systems, and projection applications will be described. Projectors of all types will be covered, including pico/micro/nano projectors, mainstream projectors, large-venue projectors, rear-projection-based cubes, short-throw projectors, consumer rear projection, and other designs for specific applications. Components of interest include microdisplays (SLMs), light sources, optical components, and projection screens.

Touch & Interactivity: Advances in touch-screen technologies, applications, driving electronics, system integration, and human interactions. The advanced materials and process technologies associated with touch design and applications will be alsocovered.


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