Metro-Detroit Chapter


The Metro-Detroit Chapter of the Society for Information Display sponsors this annual technical symposium to support automotive displays and interfaces development by bringing together both technical and business professionals working in the relevant areas from academia and industry. In addition to display-related technologies in the fields of electronics engineering, vehicle systems and software, physics, optics & photonics, manufacturing engineering, human factors, and human-machine interface (HMI), the symposium addresses display technology's role in the evolution toward electronic vehicles (EVs) and autonomous vehicles (AVs).

Contributed papers are solicited in the following areas:

• Market trends
    Trends in automotive displays, interfaces, and applications
    Customer acceptance of and feedback on different display and interface technologies
    Regulation and trends related to in-vehicle interactions
• Displays, lighting/signaling technologies and system solutions
    Display technologies and components (LCD, OLED, microLED, projection displays, EL, etc.)
    Lighting/signaling technologies and components
    Head-up displays, augmented reality, and mixed reality systems 
• Human machine interface and human factors
     Display system legibility and visual performance
     Driver performance enhancement
     Passenger experience enhancement
     Touchscreen, haptic, and acoustic technologies 
     HMI tools and methods (software development) and metrology for multi-modal (MM) HMI
     Driver-assist features (navigation, ADAS, collision warning, night vision) toward autonomous drive
     Tools and techniques for measuring HMI efficacy
• Design and metrology of vehicular display systems, lighting, touch, and HMI
     Optical, mechanical, electrical, and thermal performance enhancement
     Modeling and simulation
     Metrology and testing
     Electrical and software interfaces 
• Advanced technologies for displays, touchscreens, sensors, and processors.
     Sunlight readable technologies
     Flexible and stretchable substrates
     Transparent displays
     Low power consumption
     Nanomaterials and nanotechnology
     Novel optical films and coatings for projection displays and stray light management
     Novel input devices
     Electronic mirrors
New: Artificial Intelligence (AI) in vehicle displays and interfaces applications
Generative AI
     Digital CX
     Monitoring and accident precention
     Vehicle personalization
     In-car assistance
     Machine learning
     Computer vision
     Connected car

• A limited number of student travel grants will be awarded to student speakers (must be requested when submitting the abstract)
• A best paper will be selected by the VDI planning committee and awarded during the symposium

All interested authors are invited to submit abstracts for presentations, particularly in the areas noted above. The deadline for abstracts is June 3, 2024. Authors will be notified in late June 2024. Authors of accepted papers are expected to submit a complete paper for inclusion in the Conference Digest that will be distributed to all attendees at the symposium. The deadline for receipt of papers is July 22, 2024. Authors are expected to present at the symposium.


For questions, please contact: Ronnie Stephenson at


Michael Bork, Bruce Banter, 
Kai-Han Chang, Michael Boyd, 

Mark Larry,

Jerzy Kanicki, 
  Eric Miciuda, 
  Silviu Pala,








Metro Detroit Chapter

Executive Committee:


Mr. Silviu Pala, Automotive Display  

Vice Chairman:

Dr. Thomas Seder, General Motors Global R&D 


Mr. Mark Larry, Ford Motor Co. 


Mr. Bruce Banter, Tech-D-P 

Academic Director:

Dr. Jerzy Kanicki, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


Academic Awards Review Committee:

Bob O’Brien, Display Supply Chain Consultants, Ann Arbor, MI

Jerzy Kanicki, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Chapter Membership

We'd love for you to get involved!  
If you are interested in becoming an active member in the Metro-Detroitchapter of SID, contact any of the chapter members below for moreinformation.  To get a better idea about how the chapter is structured, we urge you to read our bylaws using the link below.


Chapter Bylaws: Metropolitan Detroit Chapter ByLaws
Board of Directors:


Academic Director

Dr. Jerzy Kanicki

Chairman Silviu Pala
Vice-Chairman  Dr. Thomas Seder
Secretary Mark Larry
Treasurer Bruce Banter

SID Metro Detroit Chapter and Vehicle Displays & Interfaces leadership history (PDF)


2023 Vehicle Displays & Interfaces, Detroit, MI

2023 Program for Vehicle Displays & Interfaces


Keynote speaker Daniel Cashen of Stellantis started off the symposium with a presentation about the cockpit of the future.

The Vehicle Displays & Interfaces Symposium and Expo celebrated its 30th anniversary on Tuesday, September 26, 2023. From right to left are committee members Silviu Pala (cutting cake), Kai-Han Chang, Mark Larry, and Bob Donofrio.

Recipients of this year’s Student Awards were Haonan Zhou, University of Michigan (left), and Yizhou Qian, University of Central Florida (right). In center is committee member Bob O’Brien.

Exhibitor psHolix won the 2023 Best in Show award, out of approximately 55 exhibitors.

The exhibit hall at the 2023 Vehicle Displays & Interfaces Symposium & Expo housed more than 55 exhibitors.



2022 Vehicle Displays & Interfaces, Novi, MI

Andrew Poliak, Chief Technology Officer for Panasonic Automotive Systems America, started off the 2023 event with a keynote address entitled, “Vehicle as a Canvas.”

Radiant Vision Systems won the 2022 Best in Show award for exhibitors. From left to right are Silviu Pala, conference co-program chair; Natashia Bredstrand and Chris Williamson of Radiant Vision Systems; and conference organizer. Bob O’Brien.

Student award winners Yakshita Malhotra (center) and Shaghayegh Yaraghi (right) each received $5,000 from the Metropolitan Detroit Chapter of the Society for Information Display. At left is conference organizer Bob O’Brien.

The Automotive Market session on Tuesday, September 27, featured speakers (from left to right), Bob O’Brien of Display Supply Chain Consultants, You Xiang (Stacy) Wu of Omdia Research, Jennifer Colegrove of Touch Display Research, and Brian Rhodes of S&P Global Mobility.

The 2022 exhibit hall featured many hands-on demos.

The event included numerous networking breaks that gave attendees a chance to socialize between technical presentations.

Wednesday’s panel discussion on “The Future of the In-Vehicle Experience” was moderated by Bob O’Brien (at lectern). From left to right are Andy Travers of Ceres, Fidelis Itsede of Panasonic, Drew Harbach of Peterbilt, and Brian Rhodes of S&P Mobility.


2021 Vehicle Displays & Interfaces, Livonia, MI

From left to right: Silviu Pala of Automotive Display, Jim Carpenter of Visteon, Bob O’Brien of Display Supply Chain Consultants (moderator), Kyle Davis of IHS Markit, and Dan Cashen of Continental participate in a panel discussion about Future Displays for Future Electric Vehicles.

Keynote speaker Kai-Han Chang, accompanied by Thomas Seder (not shown), both from the Vehicle Systems Research Lab at General Motors Research and Development, speaks about Automotive Augmented Reality: User Experience and Enabling Technology.

Co-Program Chair Silviu Pala (standing, left) moderates a Q&A session after the keynote address by Kai-Han Chang and Thomas Seder.

Left: ams OSRAM received one of three best paper awards at the show for “Digitization of Light and the Trends on Automotive Exterior Lighting” by Richard Nguyen, Kimberly Peiler & Ulrich Kizak. Pictured left to right are Silviu Pala, Kimberly Peiler, Richard Nguyen, and Bob O’Brien. Right: Ross Schneider and Michael Firth of Texas Instruments and Brittany Kleiman Swisa and Oren Pinshow of Gauzy received an award for “Turn Any Window into a Bright, Colorful Display: Smart Glass Films and Projector Design Considerations for Automotive Windshield Designs.” Pictured (left to right) are: Silviu Pala, Ross Schneider, and Bob O’Brien. 

The third winner, not pictured, was Karlheinz Blankenbach of Pforzheim University Display Lab for his paper, “Current Standardization Efforts and Measurement Procedures of German Flat Panel Forum (DFF) for Automotive OLED Displays.”

Radiant Vision Systems won the Best in Show award for its 2021 exhibit. Shown from left to right are: Shaina Warner (RVS), Bret Stonebridge (RVS), Matt Scholz (RVS), Bob O'Brien (Display Supply Chain Consultants), Bruce Banter (Tech-D-P), Silviu Pala (Automotive Display), Eric Miciuda (Continental) Ross Maunders (Stellantis), Kai-Han Chang (GM), and Thomas Seder (GM.

The Vehicle Displays & Interfaces Expo returned to an in-person format for 2021; (those companies not able to travel to Michigan for the event had virtual exhibits.)


Putting on a conference takes a lot of teamwork. Among those who made it work are, left to right: cochairs Bruce Banter and Silviu Pala; team members from conference organizer Palisades Convention Management, and the AV crew from Chase Creative.


2020 Vehicle Displays & Interfaces (virtual event)

2019 Vehicle Displays & Interfaces Photo Gallery

 Doug Patton of Jupiter Consulting LLC in Novi, MI, started off the 2019 Vehicle Displays & Interfaces Conference with a thought-provoking keynote address, “HMI Between Now and Autonomous Drive.”

Vehicle Displays & Interfaces 2019 symposium presentation: the technical program is the heart of the annual event.

Conference attendees line up for the suppliers’ short presentations.

The 2019 winners of the Metro-Detroit SID Chapter Best Student Awards were: Saurabh Acharya, Ph.D. Student in Electrical Engineering at the University of Michigan; Yingfei Jiang, Ph.D. Student in Chemical Physics at Kent State University, and Aunnasha Sengupta, Ph.D Student in Electrical Engineering at University of Michigan (could not attend ceremony). Pictures shows SID Chapter leaders with winning students who received $5,000 each as part of their award.

PPG Industries won the 2019 Best in Show Award, voted on by attendees.

Receiving the Best Paper Award were Dan Cashen and  Esaias Pech (shown at left in photo) from Continental for Augmented-Reality Human Machine Interface: Defining the HUD Eye Box.

Participating in the panel discussion on “Camera Monitor Systems or Electronic Mirrors for Future Vehicles” were (left to right) Kiranagi Bapu Basavannappa,  Visteon Sr. Prod. Manager Interior Sensing, DMS, CMS; Sandeep Premkumar, Navistar Chief Technical Engineer; Drew Harbach, Peterbilt Engineering Supervisor; and Eddy Llaneras, Ph.D, VTTI Advanced Product Test and Evaluation Group. The panel was moderated by Silviu Pala, Automotive Display Chair.

A camera monitor system for mirror replacement in an Audi vehicle demonstrator was on display at the 2019 conference.

The exhibition at Vehicle Displays & Interfaces 2019 featured 73 exhibitors and drew a great deal of foot traffic.

Not pictured, but of great interest and value to attendees at this year’s program was the tutorial What Do Today’s Driver Assistance Systems Suggest About the Future of Vehicle Displays?, presented by Bryan Reimer with MIT’s AgeLab.


Chapter History

Silviu Pala, for his longtime championship of the Detroit Automotive Conference and his general support of the Society's automotive ambitions

Planning meeting participants GM, Ford, FCA, Continental, University Of Michigan, Techdp, Displaysupplychain, AutomotiveDisplay, and Samsung


(2018) Key Note Kristin Kolodge from J.D. Power presenting "Voice of the Consumer: Displays as a Trust Enabler"

Student Awards ($5K each) to MI Student Yue Qu and USA Student Yuge "Esther" Huang announced by Award Leader Robert O'Brien

Best Paper Award to Joseph Pullukat and Shinichi Tanaka from NS International

Best in Show awarded to 3M company by the SID VDI 2018 organizing commitee

Technical Presentation Audience

Expo Area where 82 companies presented their products

Dr. Nadine Sarter Debating on Design of Automation Behavior and Interfaces in Support of HMI Teaming 

25 Years of SID MDE and VDI by Silviu Pala

MDE 25th Anniversery of Symposium


(2017) Key Note on Automotive AR by Thomas Seder GM Technical Fellow & Chief Technologist HMI

(2017) Lifetime Award presented to  Robert Donofrio  by the SID Metro-Detroit Chapter. From left: Michael Boyd (Yazaki), Robert Donofrio (Display Consultants), Ross Maunders (FCA), Silviu Pala (DENSO), Thomas Seder (GM) Robert O'Brian (Display Supply Chain) 

(2017) Academic Award to Chengang Ji, PhD student at University of Michigan presented by Robert O'Brian (Award Chair) 

(2017) Best in Show

(2017) Exhibit Hall

(2017) Technical Sessions

(2017) Best Paper Award presented to Visteon

(2017) Panel Discussions on AR for Automotive HUD. From Left: Robert O'Brian (Display Supply Chain), Dr. Linda Angell (Touchstones) Michael Firth (Texas Instruments), Dan Cashen (DAQRI Automotive), Mark Boyadjis (IHS Markit)



2016 EXPO

2016 Expo Area

(2016) Jerzy Kanicki, University of Michigan, on Optoelectronics for Vehicles

(2016) Key Note Jennifer Wahnschaff, Vice President Continental


(2016) Paul Green -University of Michighan on Panel Debate

(2016) Best In Show -Texas Instruments and members of SID Metro Detroit team


(2016) Best In Show Award – Texas Instrument  



(2015) Touch Display Market - Jennifer Colegrove


Technical Presentation

(2015) Best in Show Award - Sharp

(2015) Automotive Display Maket - Mark Boyadjis



The automotive display supplier exhibition was significantly expanded for 2014, including more

than 30 exhibitors covering a wide range of technologies applicable to automotive industry display

system needs.  A "Best in Show" exhibit award was presented to Futaba Corporation of America. 

Futaba Corporation of America's supplier exhibit at Vehicle Display 2014, represented by

(from left to right)  Jeff Hatfield, Automotive Engineering Manager; Makoto Akira, Engineering

Manager, Strategic Development; and Robert Dohring, Senior Automotive Sales Manager. 




 20th Annual Vehicle Displays Symposium - Vehicle Displays and Interfaces 2013

 University of Michigan - Dearborn 

 Dearborn, Michigan   October 10, 11;  2013


2013 Program          


Symposium Keynote: Doug Patton, Executive VP DENSO  


Symposium speakers. 


PANEL SESSION:  Standards related to human factors and automotive displays.


Tabletop Exhibitor Views.


Symposium audience.




 19th Annual Vehicle Displays Symposium -Vehicle  Displays and Interfaces  2012   

  University of Michigan - Dearborn

Dearborn, MI   October 18 - 19, 2012













 18th Annual Vehicle Displays Symposium  - Vehicle Displays and Interfaces 2011

2011 Program

Jim Buczkowsi of Ford Motor Company describing the convergence of display design and Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) during the first Keynote Address of the Symposium. 




A portion of the facilities at the University of Michigan-Dearborn Conference Center. 









A portion of the Panel Session Members discussing  the application of displays for situation awareness.








17th Annual Vehicle Display Symposium October 21-22 at Fairlane Center in Dearborn, MI 

2010 Program 



Session Chairman Steve Stringfellow (General Motors) introduces the Automotive

Marketing Session.   





Speaker Mark Fihn (Veritas et Visus) describing new display opportunities in his

presentation “Diamonds in the Dirt.”   






Speaker Mark Boyadjis (iSuppli) presenting the results of iSuppli’s research into

display useability and networking issues. 



the Vehicle Display Symposium. 









Keynote Speaker Adrian Travis (Microsoft) sets the stage for the Symposium with         

his presentation describing new display-driver interface opportunities. 


16th Annual Vehicle Display Symposium October 16-17 at the Fairlane Center in Dearborn, MI 

2009 Program 


15th Annual Vehicle Display Symposium October 16-17 at Fairlane Center in Dearborn, MI

2008 Program 

Keynote presentation by Michael Heimrath (BMW).



  Panel debate on automotive display integration challenges.




Award to Mr. Mark Larry for his leadership and dedication as General Chair of the SID Vehicles and Photons Symposium. Plaque signed by Silviu Pala (Chair) Dr. John Troxell (Vice Chair) Dr. Jerzy Kanicki (Director), Robert Donofrio (Treasurer)and Mr. Mark Larry (Secretary)




Award to Mr. Ben DiCicco for his leadership and dedication as General Chair of the SID Vehicles and Photons Symposium. Plaque signed by Silviu Pala (Chair) Dr. John Troxell (Vice Chair) Dr. Jerzy Kanicki (Director), Robert Donofrio (Treasurer)and Mr. Mark Larry (Secretary) 




14th Annual Vehicle Display Symposium October 11-12 at Fairlane Center in Dearborn, MI 

2007 Program



13th Annual Vehicle Display Symposium October 12-13 at Fairlane Center in Dearborn, MI

2006 Program 



12th Annual Vehicle Display Symposium October 6-7at Fairlane Center in Dearborn, MI

2005 Program 



11th Annual Vehicle Display Symposium October 21-22 at the Yazaki Training Center in Canton, MI

2004 Program

SID VDS 2004


A success with more than 100 people in attendance from all over theworld (Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Hong-Kong, Korea,Netherlands, and UK. This photo shows a portion of the attendees inthe modern and spacious Yazaki Learning center




              Vince Award


             Award to Dr. Vince Cannella for his outstanding work on starting and leading the local (SID) Metropolitan Detroit Chapter Plaque signed by Silviu Pala (Chair) Dr. John Troxell (Vice Chair) Bob Donofrio (Director) and Mark Larry (Secretary)



   Dr. Bhise gives a seminar on driver distraction and human factors.  One of a full 2 day agenda of distinguished speakers.


10th Annual Vehicle Display Symposium October 13-14 at the Marriott Hotel in  Ypsilanti, MI

2003 Program


Sharp introduced the first "glasses-free" 3D display at the 2003 Symposium





   3D display         Group around VDO exhibit

Testing out 3D Inc's glasses at a tabletop exhibit.             Siemens VDO demonstration.

SID 2003 Ypsilanti, MI

Presentation hall: 2003 SID Vehicle Display Symposium


9th Annual Vehicle Display Symposium October 22-23 at Cobo Hall in Detroit, MI

2002 Program




8th Annual Symposium on Vehicle Displays October 15-16 at the Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center Detroit, MI

2001 Program


(Conference Chair Silviu Pala(Denso-international), Program Chair Robert Donofrio (DDC)




            Certificate of Appreciation to Ed Kelley For His Continuous Support of SID and SAE Activities and for Educating Engineers and Promoting Proper Optical Metrology Signed:


Silviu Pala (Chair), John Troxell (Vice Chair), Roberd Donofrio (Director), Mark Larry (Secretary), Vince Cannella (treasurer) 



7th Annual Vehicle Display Symposium October 3 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Dearborn, MI 

2000 Program

(General Chair Silviu Pala, Program ChairRobert Donofrio)   


Our 2000 Conference held the debut of the flexible OLED, developed by UDC.


6th Annual Strategic and Technical Symposium on Vehicle Displays and Microsensors September 22-23

1999 Program


(Program Chairs Robert Donofrio, Dr. Samuel Musa and Dr.Kensall Wise) 



5th Annual Flat Panel Display Strategic and Technical Symposium   September 9-10 

 1998 Program 


(ProgramChairs Robert Donofrio and Dr. Samuel Musa) 



Universities Represented: Wayne State, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, Michigan State


Dr. Vincent Cannella presents Scholarship Awards to the Recipients:







Flat Panel Display Strategic Form andTechnical Symposium September 22-23 at Marriott Hotel in Ypsilanti, MI

1997 Program

Celebration of Chapter Formation at the 1997 Flat Panel Display Strategic Form andTechnical Symposium held by the SID and the University of Michigan inMarriott Hotel in Ypsilanti Michigan. (Program Chairs Robert Donofrioand Dr. Samuel Musa - Director of the Center for Display Technology andManufacturing)




SID Symposium on Vehicle Displays and Flat Panel Strategic Forum (University of Michigan)  

 (General Chair Dr. Zvi Yaniv (VP and COO of SI Diamond),Program Chairs R. Donofrio and Dr. Asish Ghosh)



SID Symposium on Vehicle Displays and U of M Flat Panel Display Strategic Forum

held at the Radisson on the Lake Hotel in Ypsilanti, Michigan(General Chair Dr. Zvi Yaniv, Program Chairs Robert Donofrio and Dr.Asish Ghosh)




Chapter was formed by Dr. Zvi Yaniv 

Following the formation of the Chapter, many volunteers have participated in building and sustaining the Chapter and extending the knowledge of the use of display system in vehicles.  Some of these volunteers are shown in the attached "Historical Summary" of the Metropolitan Detroit Chapter of SID. 


When the Chapter was formed, the state of the art for vehicular displays was exhibited by the OIS-Allied SIgnal aeronautical display system:



MDE 25th Anniversery of Symposium






Student Awards

Committee Head: Robert O'Brien

Click Here for the Application Form


Past Student Award Winners:

Recipients of the 2023 Student Awards were Haonan Zhou, University of Michigan (left), and Yizhou Qian, University of Central Florida (right). In center is committee member Bob O’Brien.

In 2022, students Yakshita Malhotra (center) and Shaghayegh Yaraghi (right) each received awards from the Metropolitan Detroit Chapter of the Society for Information Display. At left is conference organizer Bob O’Brien.


2018 Vehicle Displays & Interfaces student award winners.



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