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“Save the Date” for our 2022 event.

Los Angeles February 17, 2022

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About the SID Los Angeles Chapter

If you live in the Southern California area, and are associated with the display field as a researcher designer, product developer, marketer or distributor, you should consider becoming a member of the LA Chapter of the Society for Information Display (SID). The LA Chapter is the founding chapter of the SID (since 1962).

As a member, you will be entitled to useful benefits. As member of SID you will receive the society's publications, the monthly Information Display magazine, and the quarterly SID Journal. You will also have free access to past literature, receive a membership directory for 6000 SID members worldwide, as well as a local chapter directory, and get a discount on the annual SID LA Chapter symposium.  Being a member of the SID LA chapter entitles you to the following: 

  • Monthly meeting notices by email.
  • A discount on meals at chapter meetings.
  • Directory of LA chapter members, listed by name and by company,
  • All sustaining members have the opportunity to post a brief introduction of your company, its products, and its web site links, on the SID LA Chapter web site.
  • Professional growth opportunities as you get involved in technical, networking and/or organization activities.
  • Public recognition for contributions made to technology, industry or the SID organization.

 We typically hold meetings on the last Thursday of each month. Go to the Next Meeting for upcoming meeting announcements. Some of the meetings are held jointly with other societies with which we share interests: SMPTE (Society for Motion Picture and Television Engineers), ACM SIGGRAPH, and HFES (Human Factors and Ergonomic Society), One day mini-conferences and plant tour are held occasionally. Meetings address the following areas with talks on technology, applications or markets:

  • LCD display products and associated devices, optical and electrical components & standards.
  • Projection and LCD flat panel technologies for consumer, commercial, industrial and theater applications.
  • R&D in display devices, products and systems.
  • Unique display technologies, products and systems.

 Chapter and Committee Officers:   For a list of the Chapter and Committee Officers, please check out the Contacts page.

Chapter Officers

Larry Tannas

Chapter Chairman
Larry Iboshi

Program Chairman 
Phil Joujon-Roche

 Harlan Rogers

Treasurer (acting)
 Bob Schmahl








Report on CES

Mike Heiss



OLEDs from Dispays to Lighting

Prof. Yang Yang, UCLA



USC Cinema School Tour

USC guide



Review of DisplyWeek & Infocomm




The Theory and Practice of LCDs

Tom Gattinella Sharp



“Fresh News from Japan Flat ”

Ken Werner, Nutmeg



Planar Display International

Pat Green, Planar



Christmas Social








Organic Electronics and OLEDs

Prof Yang Yang



Display Artifacts 

Dr. Jim Larimer



Digital Stereoscopic Cinema,

Lenny Lipton



Best of SID and Infocom 2008




3D TV at Mitusbishi

Harlan Rogers



Carbon Nanotubes  Technology

Dr. Paul Dsraic




Geoff Walker



Christmas Social








CES Review

Mike Hess



Human Vision - The Forever Invariant in Engineering a Display

Pete Baron




EC members



Digital Telepresence

Steve McNelley, Digital Video Enterprises




Round Table Speakers, Steve Somers, Murray Kesselman, Larry Iboshi, Erv Ulbrich,

and Pierre Schubert



Status and Trends of Digital TV Receivers

Harlan Rogers,



LCD Technology and Prospects of its Future

Prof. Shin-Tson Wu



Christmas Social




CES Review

Larry Tannas, Larry Iboshi







LCD In-Cell Touch Screens Technology

Geoff Walker



Reflective and Transflective LCDs

Richard Grace, Renesas Elo.(NEC)



DisplayWeek& Infocomm Review

EC members, Steve Somers



FPDs in the Beginning and how they evolved

Larry Tannas




Lawrence Lee, Cree Inc.



Internet Television

Aldo Cugnini, Insight Media



Christmas Social




Flexible Displays

Douglas Loy, Flexible Techn. Center







CES 2011 - Consumer Electronics Technology & Products Update




Digital Signage; a New Paradigm

Larry Tannas




EC members





Paper, the Toughest Competitor

SriramPeruvemba. CMO, E Ink



The Development of Aerial Refueling




LCD Electronics - Theory of Operation

Dick McCartney, TI



Christmas Social








Photovoltaic Polarizer for Greener LCDs

Yang Yang and Rui Zhu, UCLA



 What is new in Touch Screens

Geoff Walker




Ken Werner



50th anniversary celebration

Larry Iboshi/Prof. Yang Yang



Inflight Entertainment Displays

Ken Brady



Christmas Social




CES Review

Larry Tannas, Phil Joujon-Roche



Frank Evagues



Virtual Reality: a Look at Current Technology and Applications With Demonstrations Review of

Derek Prate Tannas


Los Angeles Chapter 

"The Birthplace of SID"

Technical Meeting, January 30, 2020

Buena Park Holiday Inn, Buena Park, California


The CES 2020 from January 7th to the 10th featured automation and intelligent devices from drones to robots to androids, along with VR and AR products, were exhibited in January, 2020. Every CES shows a change in emphasis on what is going to happen in the consumer market as seen by manufactures. The latest on the return of Apple to CES and the next generation 5G wireless will be presented.


Tannas has a BS and MS in EE from UCLA and has attended CES shows for nearly 50 years. He is now retired after finally completing the sale of Tannas Electronic Displays, Inc.. Mr. Tannas completed a 20 year run at inventing and selling resized LCDs for aerospace and custom applications. He has been active in the aerospace industry, is author and coauthor of two books, has published over 100 technical papers, holds 40 patents, has taught classes at UCLA extension for 20 years and is a holder of commercial pilots license and flight instructor rating. He is past president of SID, Fellow and recipient of several awards from SID 




Venue: Buena Park Holiday Inn - Beach Boulevard & 91 Freeway
7000 Beach Boulevard, Buena Park, CA, 90620 714-522-7000

Date: January 30, 2020   

Menu: The meal will be the popular Delicatessen Buffet with salads, make your own sandwiches, coffee, and dessert. 

Social Hour: Starts at 6 PM

Start Dinner: 6:30 PM

Meeting: Starts at 7:30 PM

Cost:  Will be $25 for SID members, $30 for non-members, and free for the first 5 Students who must reserve a place.

Please make a reservation: Bob Schmahl at , or 714-871-5408 by January 28, 2020.

Display Products and Related Demonstrations: Are encouraged from 6:00 PM until 7:30 PM. Notify Larry Iboshi  at

Remote viewing of the lecture using "Go to Meeting" will be available. Make a reservation with Larry Iboshi at

Future Meetings:

* February 21, 2020, One Day Symposium "Display and Visual Information Technologies", Costa Mesa Country Club. For information and registration go to


New Directions in Display Technology

Presented by: Los Angeles Chapter “The Birthplace of SID"
One-Day conference, Thursday, February 17th , 2022
On-line virtual event

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One thing we can count on is that, the display firmament is about to shift under our feet, again. What displays will we see in our homes (TVs) and what will we see in our cars? Has the market grown or shrunk in these times of the pandemic? Will we see the rise of near eye displays? What new technologies will arise? Will we see more micro and Mini LEDs. Will we have larger color gamut and better touch displays?

This year's One Day Symposium will tell you what these technologies are, why they will (at least) partially displace the old standbys, and when we will see them in commercially available products. 

The Presentations (Possible)

  1. The Present State of LCD, OLED, Television
  2. Display Market Analysis
  3. Color Display Science
  4. Mini LEDs, OLEDs and Quantum Dots
  5. Near Eye Displays (AR/VR)
  6. Automotive displays 
  7. Metrology for new displays
Confirmed Speakers
  • Jennifer Colegrove Ph.D Touch Display Research Inc.
  • Prof Dr Karlheinz Blankenbach  Pforzheim University Germany
  • Bob O'Brian, DSCC
  • Timo Kunkel Dolby
  • Seth Coe-Sullivan President and CEO, NS Nanotech
  • Amal Ghosh Ph.D. COO, eMagin Corp.
  • Karl Guttag
Save the Date
Please register and join our panel of global experts at the SID LA Chapter One Day Symposium. Each presentation will be followed by a lively and free-wheeling Q&A session, for which the One Day Symposia have become famous.

Registration Fees for our virtual One-Day Symposium.
SID members: $100
Non-members : $150
Exhibitors : $100.
Students who are SID members are free.

We look forward to hearing from you!


OLED-on-silicon microdisplays have been around for more than 20 years, especially for niche applications including defense, medical, and industrial. With the recent advent of AR/VR applications, the significance of microdisplays, particularly OLED-on-silicon microdisplays, has come to the forefront. In fact, with recent brightness and other improvements, OLED-on-silicon microdisplays are considered the technology of choice for today’s AR/VR applications. This talk will start with the basics of OLED-on-silicon microdisplays and will lead up to the state-of-the-art of this technology with AR/VR applications in mind.

Speaker Biography
Dr. Amal Ghosh received his Ph.D. in physics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA and joined IBM T.J. Watson Research Center as a research staff member. Amal Gosh Subsequently, he joined FED Corporation, which is now eMagin Corporation. He has held many positions at eMagin and is currently the COO of the company. He has also held positions at Eastman Kodak Company. Ghosh is a pioneer in developing the OLED-on-silicon microdisplay technology. He has received numerous awards and recognition for his work, including SID’s Karl Ferdinand Braun Prize, SID’s Special Recognition Award, SID’s Fellow designation, a Mid-Atlantic Chapter Service award, and the Korean Information Display Society’s Special Recognition award. He was the President of SID from 2014 to 2016. He has held numerous other positions at SID including Program and General Chair of Display Week, Chapter Director and Chapter Chair. 
Dr. Colegrove will provide the market forecast of the overall display market from 2022 till 2030 and market forecast of emerging technologies. She’ll discuss the new trends and opportunities in 2022: Micro & mini LED, OLED display, quantum dot, AR/VR displays and sensors, and Automotive touch display ADAS market.
Speaker Biography

Dr. Jennifer K. Colegrove is the CEO and principal analyst of Touch Display Research Inc.Jennifer K. Colegrove (, a market research and consulting firm focusing on touch screen, display, sensors, battery and many emerging technologies. She writes reports and performs consulting projects with a passion about touch screen, display and battery technologies, including touch panels, ITO replacement, active pen, smart windows, AR/VR displays, flexible displays, OLED displays, quantum dot, Micro & mini LED, 3D displays, e-paper displays, EV battery, automotive market and touchless sensors.

Dr. Colegrove has over 20 years of industry working experience. She holds lots of analyst “first”: She was the first analyst to write a comprehensive Touch Screen industry report since 2006 (therefore, she is called “Doctor Touch” by her colleagues); she was the first analyst to write an Active Pen industry report since 2013; she was the first analyst to write an ITO-replacement industry report since 2013; she was the first analyst to write a Quantum Dot industry report since 2013; she was the first analyst to write a Touchless HMI industry report since 2014.

Dr. Colegrove has advised over 200 companies through her standard reports or consulting projects in recent several years. She has authored over 100 forecast reports. Colegrove has been a featured speaker at over 100 international conferences.

Jennifer Kong Colegrove has a Ph.D. from Liquid Crystal Institute at Kent State University in Ohio. She received both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees with honors from Peking University in Beijing, China.


For outline, we can do: 

Nanoscale Semiconductors in the Pandemic Era

  1. Nanomaterials meet compound semiconductors
  2. Quantum dots in LCD, miniLED, and microLED displays
  3. Nanowires for microLED and nanoLED displays
  4. NanoLEDs for disinfection
Speaker Biography

Seth is co-founder, board member, Chief Executive Officer, and President of NS Nanotech, Inc. Seth Coe-Sullivan a spin-out of University of Michigan based on technology developed by Professor Zetian Mi. NS Nanotech is the world-leader in solid-state far-UVC disinfection, launching the ShortWaveLight Emitter in 2020. 

Until 2019 he was Chief Technology Officer of Luminit LLC, where his team launched the world’s first volume holographic combiner product for augmented reality displays. Before joining Luminit, Seth was co-founder, member of the Board of Directors, and Chief Technology Officer of QD Vision, which was acquired by Samsung. He also currently advises several start-up companies in their early technology development phases. Coe-Sullivan received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Sc.B from Brown University.

He has more than 50 papers, patents, and patents pending in the fields of inorganic and organic light emitting devices, quantum dots, displays, and environmental health and safety. Dr. Coe-Sullivan has received many industry awards including Technology Review Magazine’s TR35 Award, BusinessWeek’s top young entrepreneurs, Wall Street Journal’s Innovation Award, the SEMI Award for North America, and the Presidential Green Chemistry Award. Most recently he received the Society for Information Display’s Peter Brody Award for his pioneering work bringing quantum dot technology to market, and ShortWaveLight was a top 10 product of the year in Electronic Products. 



  1. Introduction to automotive display market and trends (10 min)
  2. Automotive display technologies: LCD, FALD, Dual Cell, OLED and very briefly QD- & µ-LED, flexible (10 min)
  3. Automotive Requirements: Luminance, lifetime, ambient light … (5 min)
  4. Automotive display evaluation: Testing, methods (15 min)
  5. Summary (5 min)
Speaker Biography
Karlheinz Blankenbach has three decades of experience in displays. Karlheinz Blankenbach From 1988 until 1995 he was with AEG-MIS (a DAIMLER subsidiary) in Germany, developing display electronics, e-signage LCDs, and software. In 1995 he was appointed to full professor at Pforzheim University, Germany, where he founded the university's Display Lab. His main R&D activities are (automotive) display topics such as optical measurements, display systems, evaluations, HMI, and LEDs, as well as display hardware and software. Blankenbach is a member of the Society for Information Display program subcommittee "Automotive/Vehicular Displays and HMI Technologies". He has served as a member of the board of the Displayforum (DFF) since 2000; after nine years as chairman he was appointed to honorary chairman in 2020.

Advanced TV Displays: Technology and Brand Battle

The display industry has benefited from increased demand during the pandemic, and companies throughout the display supply chain have generated unprecedented profitability. Demand for LCD TV panels drove the most volatile Crystal Cycle in the history of the industry, with the longest and highest price increase and the fastest price declines ever. This presentation will review the state of the industry for major brands and panel makers, and the battle for the premium TV segment among competing brands and technologies. 

The premium TV space drives display innovation for improvements in brightness, color, resolution, contract, and other metrics. We will outline the technology battle between OLED and LCD today and show how DSCC expects this battle to play out as new technologies like QD OLED, MiniLED, and MicroLED emerge. We will draw from DSCC’s reports on TV cost and advanced TV shipments and describe the strategies of major global TV brands as they compete for the premium TV market

Speaker Biography

Robert J (Bob) O’Brien is Co-Founder, Principal and CFO of DSCC. Robert J (Bob) O’Brien Bob has decades of experience turning market and business analysis into strategic insights in the display and electronics industries. At DSCC, Bob takes the lead role in analysis of display materials, including glass and AMOLED materials, and covers developments in TV and other large-screen display applications. He is the principal author of DSCC’s AMOLED Material Report, the Advanced TV Shipment Report, and the Display Glass Report, and Bob contributes regularly to the DSCC Weekly Review.

Working at Corning from 2005-2016, as Director of Market Intelligence and Strategy for Corning Glass Technologies Bob developed an intelligence infrastructure to inform pricing strategy, product development, marketing communications and customer service strategy. He also developed external communications for investors and customers to realize Corning’s industry leading position.

Bob led the CGT intelligence team in building critical tools for analysis of both short- and long-term dynamics in the LCD industry. In response to Corning’s vulnerability to supply/demand swings, Bob developed an analytical model for predicting glass demand based on the supply/demand dynamics of the LCD value chain. The output of this model is frequently quoted in Corning’s earnings release and other communications. To increase understanding of the long-term dynamics of TV replacement, Bob led the efforts on consumer survey work to understand the replacement cycle of TV. As the cover glass market matured, Bob led the effort to explore and develop the Gorilla glass business in emerging markets.

Prior to Corning, Bob worked in engineering, product marketing, finance, and business intelligence for Philips Display Components and LG.Philips Displays. At Philips, Bob led a multi-division team evaluating potential opportunities in large display technologies, with comparative market and technology analysis of LCD, PDP, CRT, and projection. Bob prepared and executed financial and marketing expertise on the plasma display business for the due diligence process during the 2001 international merger which formed LG.Philips Displays.

Bob holds a BS in Applied and Engineering Physics from Cornell University and an MBA from the University of Michigan Business School. He lives in Ann Arbor, MI with his wife Mattie and three sons. He can be reached at

High-Dynamic Range imaging, better known by its acronym “HDR”, has established itself as a foundational component when looking at the aspects defining today’s image fidelity. HDR technology is widely supported by millions of devices from cameras to post-production tools, deployment systems and displays and is embraced by content creators and providers. HDR imaging is based on several key concepts that facilitate perceptually meaningful, artistically compelling, and technologically effective delivery of movies, TV shows, and video games that are more immersive and realistic than previously possible. This presentation will provide an overview of these concepts enabling today’s HDR ecosystem, including perceptual and technological aspects, as well as industry standards, formats, and approaches
Speaker Biography
Timo Kunkel is Director of Image Technology & Standards in the CTO office of Dolby Labs, Inc. Timo Kunkel Over the past 15 years, he has been investigating the technical and perceptual aspects of HDR and wide color gamut imaging with focus on advanced display approaches and has been involved in developing the core concepts of what is now Dolby Vision. Timo has published and taught about HDR concepts and technologies throughout our industry for many years. He is also a member and technical expert with the ICC, SID ICDM and IEC TC100 and 110. Timo holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Bristol, UK, and a MSc from the University of Freiburg, Germany. 
He will present the reality of AR Displays and Optics. He will focus on the real applications and have some contrarian comments about the technical difficulties in bringing AR and MR to a mass market.
Speaker Biography

Karl Guttag has 42 years of experience in Graphics and Image Processors, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Karl Guttagmemory architecture, display devices (LCOS and DLP), and display systems, including Heads Up Displays and Near Eye Display (augmented reality and virtual reality).  For most of the last 42 years, he was the lead technical person on the design and system products, rising to TI Fellow at Texas Instruments and being the CTO at three startups.

Since 2011, he has written the blog KGOnTech (, which analyses display devices and systems focusing on Augmented Reality. The blog presents the technical analysis and opinions of Karl Guttag with 42 years of electronics industry experience in display devices, headset displays, projector displays, graphics accelerators, and video game devices.

He is a named inventor on 150 issued U.S. Patents, including key patents related to display devices, graphics/ imaging processors, graphics interface circuits, microprocessors, signal processing (DSP), Synchronous DRAMs, and Video/Graphics DRAM. Billions of dollars of yearly revenue have been attributed to products using these inventions. He has been an invited speaker and has published numerous papers at many graphics, imaging, and integrated circuit conferences.  He has been regularly quoted in most major electronics and graphics magazines.


Past live conference 2020.


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