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SID LA Chapter One Day Symposium

SAVE the Date February 23, 2024

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About the SID Los Angeles Chapter

If you live in the Southern California area, and are associated with the display field as a researcher designer, product developer, marketer or distributor, you should consider becoming a member of the LA Chapter of the Society for Information Display (SID). The LA Chapter is the founding chapter of the SID (since 1962).

As a member, you will be entitled to useful benefits. As member of SID you will receive the society's publications, the monthly Information Display magazine, and the quarterly SID Journal. You will also have free access to past literature, receive a membership directory for 6000 SID members worldwide, as well as a local chapter directory, and get a discount on the annual SID LA Chapter symposium.  Being a member of the SID LA chapter entitles you to the following: 

  • Monthly meeting notices by email.
  • A discount on meals at chapter meetings.
  • Directory of LA chapter members, listed by name and by company,
  • All sustaining members have the opportunity to post a brief introduction of your company, its products, and its web site links, on the SID LA Chapter web site.
  • Professional growth opportunities as you get involved in technical, networking and/or organization activities.
  • Public recognition for contributions made to technology, industry or the SID organization.

 We typically hold meetings on the last Thursday of each month. Go to the Next Meeting for upcoming meeting announcements. Some of the meetings are held jointly with other societies with which we share interests: SMPTE (Society for Motion Picture and Television Engineers), ACM SIGGRAPH, and HFES (Human Factors and Ergonomic Society), One day mini-conferences and plant tour are held occasionally. Meetings address the following areas with talks on technology, applications or markets:

  • LCD display products and associated devices, optical and electrical components & standards.
  • Projection and LCD flat panel technologies for consumer, commercial, industrial and theater applications.
  • R&D in display devices, products and systems.
  • Unique display technologies, products and systems.

 Chapter and Committee Officers:   For a list of the Chapter and Committee Officers, please check out the Contacts page.

Chapter Officers

Larry Iboshi

Chapter Chairman
Martin Kykta & Rob Tomasek |

Program Chairman 
Martin Kykta

 Harlan Rogers

Treasurer (acting)
 Bob Schmahl

Publicity & Webmaster
 Phil Warren









Report on CES

Mike Heiss



OLEDs from Dispays to Lighting

Prof. Yang Yang, UCLA



USC Cinema School Tour

USC guide



Review of DisplyWeek & Infocomm




The Theory and Practice of LCDs

Tom Gattinella Sharp



“Fresh News from Japan Flat ”

Ken Werner, Nutmeg



Planar Display International

Pat Green, Planar



Christmas Social








Organic Electronics and OLEDs

Prof Yang Yang



Display Artifacts 

Dr. Jim Larimer



Digital Stereoscopic Cinema,

Lenny Lipton



Best of SID and Infocom 2008




3D TV at Mitusbishi

Harlan Rogers



Carbon Nanotubes  Technology

Dr. Paul Dsraic




Geoff Walker



Christmas Social








CES Review

Mike Hess



Human Vision - The Forever Invariant in Engineering a Display

Pete Baron




EC members



Digital Telepresence

Steve McNelley, Digital Video Enterprises




Round Table Speakers, Steve Somers, Murray Kesselman, Larry Iboshi, Erv Ulbrich,

and Pierre Schubert



Status and Trends of Digital TV Receivers

Harlan Rogers,



LCD Technology and Prospects of its Future

Prof. Shin-Tson Wu



Christmas Social




CES Review

Larry Tannas, Larry Iboshi







LCD In-Cell Touch Screens Technology

Geoff Walker



Reflective and Transflective LCDs

Richard Grace, Renesas Elo.(NEC)



DisplayWeek& Infocomm Review

EC members, Steve Somers



FPDs in the Beginning and how they evolved

Larry Tannas




Lawrence Lee, Cree Inc.



Internet Television

Aldo Cugnini, Insight Media



Christmas Social




Flexible Displays

Douglas Loy, Flexible Techn. Center







CES 2011 - Consumer Electronics Technology & Products Update




Digital Signage; a New Paradigm

Larry Tannas




EC members





Paper, the Toughest Competitor

SriramPeruvemba. CMO, E Ink



The Development of Aerial Refueling




LCD Electronics - Theory of Operation

Dick McCartney, TI



Christmas Social








Photovoltaic Polarizer for Greener LCDs

Yang Yang and Rui Zhu, UCLA



 What is new in Touch Screens

Geoff Walker




Ken Werner



50th anniversary celebration

Larry Iboshi/Prof. Yang Yang



Inflight Entertainment Displays

Ken Brady



Christmas Social




CES Review

Larry Tannas, Phil Joujon-Roche



Frank Evagues



Virtual Reality: a Look at Current Technology and Applications With Demonstrations Review of

Derek Prate Tannas


Los Angeles Chapter 

"The Birthplace of SID"

An Evening of OLEDs at USC

Nov 30th, 6-8pm PDT 

University of Southern California, Ronald Tutor Campus Center, TCC 450 – The Forum
University of Southern California
3607 Trousdale Pkwy
 Los Angeles, CA 90089-1062

Please attend the LA SID meeting at the University of Southern California on Thursday November 30, 2023 from 6to 8 pm.  Dr. Whitney Gaynor (Roll-to-Roll Flexographically Printed OLEDs) and Jonas Schaab (Unleashing the potential of novel deep-blue 2-coordinate Au TADF complexes with short radiative lifetimes as emitters in OLEDs) will speak on OLED technology. Food will be provided on the day of the event for those who register to attend the live presentation at his link:


There is hourly parking on campus, follow the parking information on the link below. Hourly rate is $4/hour up to 4 hours. If you park 5+ hours you will be charged the $20 daily rate.  The recommend parking on-campus parking lots: Jefferson structure, McCarthy Structure, and lot 2 (next to Seeley G. Mudd building). There should be signs for "text to park" at the entrance, and guests can buy hours on their phone.

Unleashing the potential of novel deep-blue 2-coordinate Au TADF complexes with short radiative lifetimes as emitters in OLEDs

Jonas Schaab


This presentation highlights emitter materials for OLEDs utilizing earth abundant coinage metals. Two-coordinate cMa complexes have emerged as promising emitter materials due to their high luminescent efficiencies and short radiative lifetimes. This talk will highlight advances achieved in the recent years as well as the performance of respective devices. A series of complexes will be used to exemplify the color tunability as well as control of the radiative lifetime to reduce the roll off in efficiency of OLED devices at high brightness. The presentation offers insights for designing new cMa derivatives with faster radiative rates, providing flexibility in tailoring excited state lifetimes.


Jonas Schaab is a graduate student at the University of Southern California with seven years of experience in materials and inorganic chemistry research. His specialization revolves around blue OLED emitters, where he has developed novel thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) emitters with ultrashort lifetimes (τ< 300 ns) and high photoluminescence efficiency.

Jonas received his Bachelor’s and Master’s in inorganic and physical chemistry from LMU Munich, laying the foundation of his broad analytical expertise like NMR and spectroscopy. He has three years of experience as a materials engineer, focusing on the fabrication and testing of thin films and OLED devices. His extensive work in advancing the field of OLEDs resulted in several publications in prominent journals, conference presentations, and patents.

Roll-to-Roll Flexographically Printed OLEDs

Whitney GaynorDr. Whitney Gaynor


OLED is widely known as the highest quality display on the market, used in flagship products such as high-end TVs and smartphones. Many of the early promises of OLEDs have been realized and commercialized, including their ultra-thinness and potential for flexibility. However, today's flexible OLEDs are still fabricated in much the same way as rigid OLEDs on glass. And most of the innovation in the field is still aimed at high-end consumer products. At Sinovia, we use roll-to-roll flexographic printing to fabricate bottom-emitting OLEDs suitable for use in segmented, indicator, and passive matrix displays at price points that can compete with incumbent LCDs and LED assemblies. This is enabled by our proprietary materials technology and our in-house process, along with some key supplier partnerships. In this talk, I will cover our core technology, our development status, applications of our displays, and our current work as we move toward mass production.


Whitney is the CEO and co-founder of Sinovia Technologies, a Stanford University spinout working to realize roll-to-roll printed OLEDs based on flexographic printing. Over time, her role at the company has evolved from pure R&D in roll-to-roll processing and OLED stack development to include managing a small team, supply chain sourcing and partnerships, working with customers to define technology requirements, and general business development. She has served as PI for multiple U.S. government grant programs from the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Energy, and now occasionally serves as a reviewer for those programs. She took Sinovia through Y Combinator in 2017 and has raised three rounds of venture funding to date.

Whitney's doctoral thesis work served as the basis for founding Sinovia and her first author peer-reviewed papers in the field of organic electronics have been cited over 1200 times. She holds an S.B. in materials science and engineering from MIT and a masters and PhD in materials science and engineering from Stanford University.


One-Day Conference

New Directions in Display Technology 

DoubleTree by Hilton in Buena Park, Los Angeles

Date: February 23, 2024



The annual SID LA Chapter One-Day Conference returns to LIVE presentations, a luncheon, and exhibitors for 2024! It’s an excellent opportunity to meet display experts in person, see some old friends, and learn about crucial display technologies and market trends. Will we see the rise of near-eye displays? Will we see improved and novel Micro LEDs? How have lasers revolutionized projection displays? How will a larger color gamut and improved HMI enhance viewer experience?  This year's One Day Symposium will update you on these technology areas and help you assess when we can expect to see them in commercially available products.

1. Display Market Analysis
3. Projection Displays
4. Wide color gamut and HDR
5. Micro LEDs
6. Near-eye displays (AR/VR) 

The presentations are followed by an extended Q&A time for interacting with the speakers and attendees, networking with your display colleagues, and opportunities to discuss your design and test challenges with exhibitors.












Past live conference 2020.


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