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Welcome to SIDDA! - Darrel Hopper, Director


SIDDA includes OH, IN, KY, AL, MS, Other

SID Greater Dayton Chapter (SIDDA) is a non-profit organi-zation whose purposes are:  (1) To encourage scientific, literary, educational advancement of information display and its allied arts & sciences including hardware, software, human performance, and system engineering; (2) To provide forums for exchange & dissemination of ideas and to promulgate standards & definitions.  SIDDA focus is on ubiquitous information technologies (IT) for civil, avionics, military visualization applications in a wired world.


To contact us: 


SIDDA Chapter Website ,


SIDDA Kent State University Student Branch Website




SIDDA Executive Committee (Chapter Director & Officers)


Director:  Dr. Darrel G. Hopper




Chair—Jim Byrd              Vice-Chair—John Luu       


Secretary—Mike O’Keeffe                Treasurer—Dan Desjardins


Program Chair—Fred Meyer




Kent Student Branch:  Faculty Advisor—Prof. Philip Bos


President—Liwei Li       Vice-President—Yi Huang


Branch Secretary—Lu Lu         Branch Treasurer—Lei Zhao


Branch Webmaster—Souptik Mukherjee

Technical Meetings:

14 Dec 06 — Advances in Mobile Displays for Enhanced Situational Awareness,

David Huffman, L-3 Communications Display Systems, Alpharetta GA

5 Jun 07 — Time Multiplexed Optical Shutter Technology, Jim Tassone, UniPixel, Austin TX

2 Aug 07 — Stainless Steel Display Evaluation, Fred Meyer, AFRL, WPAFB OH

18 Oct 07— Air Vehicle Displays in the Operational Environment, Dan Desjardins, USAFR

22 Dec 08 — daytaOhio Virtual Reality (VR) Facility, tour including “I-Space” immersive visualization room and “CAD-Wall” located in the Joshi Center, Wright St. U., Dayton OH

18 Mar 09 — Autostereoscopic 3D Display, Stephen A. Kupiec, Metrolaser, Irvine CA

29 Apr 09 — Electrofluidic Chromatophores for Adaptive Concealment and Flexible Displays, Jason Heikenfield, U. Cincinnati and g-Dynamics LLC, Cincinnati OH

21 Oct 09 — MDM Update, Daniel D. Desjardins, Air Force Research Laboratory

16 Nov 10 — Cockpit Mod. SWIR Imaging Sys, Tim Robinson, John Green, Korry Electronics

Bylaws for SID Greater Dayton Chapter (DA) as of 26 October 2007:

The new SIDDA bylaws implement even the most recent SID bylaws & policies and embrace & account for the availability of modern information technologies more extensively than any other set of SID Chapter bylaws.

History of SIDDA bylaws: The original SIDDA bylaws were dated 27 January 1987 and were approved during chapter formation and, by 2007, were no longer consistent with SID Bylaws, Policies and Procedures, could not be amended, and require all communication to be via US mail. From 2005-7 this matter was been discussed at several SIDDA Chapter Business Meetings and by the Chapter Director at the SID BoD meeting in Sep 06. From these discussions it was determined that the best path forward was to update the SIDDA bylaws by replacing them with a completely new set. The draft of this new set was accomplished by the Chapter Director, Darrel Hopper with inputs from the previous and current Chapter Chairs. Comments from the SID Bylaws Committee Chairman, Allan Kmetz were obtained and incorporated. On 15 May 07 the proposed new bylaws were submitted by then Chapter Chair Jim Byrd to all SIDDA members whose email address is on file at . A revised draft was submitted to the SID BoD at their 20 May 07 meeting to initiate the formal process of SID approval via the SID Bylaws Committee. The new bylaws were sent to SIDDA members for an up-or-down “sense-of-the-chapter” vote over the summer of 2007; all votes received were n favor of the new bylaws without further change. On 18 Oct 07 the SIDDA Executive Committee voted to submit the proposed new SIDDA bylaws to the SID Bylaws Committee for approval; this submission was made on 19 Oct 07. On 26 Oct 07 the SID Bylaws Chair, Allan R. Kmetz, notified SIDDA Director Darrel Hopper the new bylaws were approved effective that day.

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