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[Jan 26-2012] Thank you everyone who attended the SID technical meeting for Vertigo. It was a very interesting presentation and I hoped everyone had a good experience. Thank you once again to Ralph Idems, Vertigo Venture Displays as the speaker and the help of Rick Norris, 4D Sales & Marketing for organizing.

SID Technical Meeting: Vertigo Digital Displays

January 19, 2012, 7:30PM
 90 Venture Drive, Unit # 7 Toronto, ON, M1B 3L6 
This meeting was organized with the help of Rick Norris, 4D Sales & Marketing

Speaker: Ralph Idems-Founder and COO, Vertigo Digital Display 

     Vertigo Digital Displays are world leaders in design and manufacture of large format (32" to 82") outdoor LCD displays. These displays are beginning to proliferate in cities and venues around the world and provide a platform for information, wayfinding, entertainment, security alerts and advertising.

    In November 2009 Vertigo was acquired by Chilin, a major Taiwanese LCD component manufacturer. Significant Chilin R&D investments in the Toronto operation has resulted in a number of new technological advancements that have positioned Vertigo as a leader in the outdoor LCD market. 

  Ralph Idems will provide an overview of the technical issues that had to be overcome in order to deploy displays that maintain clarity and reliability in full sunlight and also in outdoor environments with temperatures ranging from -30 C to +45 C. Learn about the two main technologies (Air Curtain and Optical Bonding) for deploying displays outdoor as well as techniques for thermal management, remote monitoring and user engagement. Both technologies will be demonstrated at the meeting.

  There will be light refreshments available before and during the meeting. 
Please feel free to bring non-SID guests as there is no charge. We look forward to seeing you there!

Director Terry C. Schmidt
Chariman Adrian H. Kitai
V. Chairman Sharon M. McFadden
Secretary Sharon M. McFadden
Treasurer Larry Hurst

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