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2014 Display Week Session Recordings Available for Purchase

SID's Display Week has hundreds of presentations on new technology and in-depth seminars presented by well-known industry experts. Video recordings from the Display Week Symposium and Seminar series are available for purchase. The recorded content is being produced and delivered in partnership with Freeman. Freeman has a long history of providing quality conference-based video. Purchased content is available through dedicated SID pages at the Freeman Online Store. The recordings include video of the slide presentations with speaker audio. Post-session Q&A is also included.

2014 recordings will be viewable online starting 7/20/2014. Attendees of the Symposium and Monday Seminars get discounted pricing on the recordings for whichever event(s) they attended. Please note there is video of the slides, but the slides themselves are not included. Please use the same email address used for Display Week 2014 registration at the links below to receive your discount.

Monday Seminars:

Type Seminars Symposium
Attendee $175 $299
Non-attendee $299 $499

SID Symposium Sessions

More recent years are streaming online video, while earlier years have the recordings coming on a DVD. Please note these products are sold by SID's Audio-Visual partners, and as such are available through them rather than the SID bookstore. 

SID Youtube Channel

Click here to visit SID's YouTube channel, with Display Week interviews and webinar clips.

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