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Keynote 1: Trends in China’s Display Industry and BOE’s Role Mr. Wang Dongsheng
Chairman, BOE Technology Group Co., Beijing, China
China is playing an increasingly important role as a display manufacturer and consumer in the global industry. BOE, as a leading display enterprise based in China, has become a rising star. Mr. Wang Dongsheng, Chairman of BOE, will share his views of the major trends for Chinas’s display industry, both in manufacturing and marketing aspects. He will also deliver his own insights into the future of global display-industry development. Mr. Wang will call for strengthening cooperation within the display industry across the world to explore new application markets and share this growing opportunity both inside and outside of China.
Keynote 2: Role of Materials in New Display Technology Developments Dr. Michael Heckmeier Senior Vice-President, Liquid Crystals Research and Development, Merck, Darmstadt, Germany
There is no doubt that major developments in the electronic-display industry are enabled by materials. Today’s dominant display technology, LCDs, require advanced materials to provide their exceptional performance. Despite the fact that the first liquid crystals were discovered over 125 years ago, innovation in liquid-crystal materials continues to improve performance. More recently, OLED displays have emerged as a more serious contender in flat-panel displays. OLED technology has applications in both mobile devices and in television, with advances in materials again driving much of the development. Merck holds a unique perspective as the dominant supplier of liquid-crystal materials and is developing capability in OLED materials as well. Interestingly, the needs of both technologies provide cross-fertilization and an acceleration of overall progress. This talk will take a look back at the role materials have played in the display industry and will look forward at how materials may continue to lead to necessary performance gains in both LCDs and OLED displays, and in non-display applications as well.
Keynote 3: Toward an Immersive Image Experience Dr. Kazumasa Nomoto
Senior General Manager, Display Device Development Division, R&D Platform, Sony Corp., Kanagawa, Japan

Recent progress in technologies for higher resolution, higher frame rate, wider color gamut, and higher dynamic range of displays, cameras, and signal processing have been dramatically improving the image quality of various media-related content. This technological evolution, along with the development of content delivery, will eventually provide an unprecedented immersive image experience. In this talk, Sony's activities in these fields will be introduced and their recent display technologies for 4K LCD, 4K OLED, and 4K projectors will be discussed. The author will also give Sony's views on where they believe the future of this industry is headed.

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