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Display Week 2015




May 31-June 5 Program 

Schedule Overview
• Symposium Program
• 显示周学术会议
Best in Show and Display Industry Awards Luncheon
Business Conference
• Exhibitors' Forum
International Honors & Awards Dinner
Investors Conference
Monday Seminars
Market Focus Conference: Touch
Market Focus Conference: Flexible and Wearable
Special Networking Event
Sunday Short Courses

Exhibition Hours

June 2, 2015 10:30 am - 6 pm
June 3, 2015
9 am - 5 pm
June 4, 2015 9 am - 2 pm

Tuesday Keynote:
The Booming Display
Industry in China
Dongsheng Li
Chairman and CEO
TCL Corporation, Ltd.

Tuesday Keynote:
The Opportunities and Challenges Facing the Display Industry
In Byeong Kang
Senior VP and CTO
LG Display Co.
Tuesday Keynote:
On to the Era of Immersive Interactions
Brian Krzanich
Chief Executive Officer
Intel Corp. 
Wednesday Best in Show and Display Industry Awards Speaker:
Surprising Stories about the Living Human Brain
Brian Wandell
Stanford University


Society for Information Display exists to foster display commerce, education, research and standards.  Our members meet in local chapter technical meetings, as well as at SID co-sponsored conferences, and our annual Display Week International Symposium, Exhibition, and Conference.  SID publishes the Display Week papers as our Digest of Technical Papers, and we also publish the Journal of SID.  These papers, as well as those of select co-sponsored conferences, are accessed by members via logging in above, and clicking on a publication logo on the login page, which forwards the member as an authenticated user to the Wiley site, where they have access to view these publications. 

SID also publishes Information Display magazine, with articles on technology and display markets for both technologists and business users alike, and the SID-Wiley Series on Display Technology, with books from leading researchers in the field.


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