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Congratulations to the 2016 Society for Information Display award winners!

2016 Prize Awards

Karl Ferdinand Braun Prize


Jan Rajchman Prize

Otto Schade Prize

Ho Kyoon Chung

Sungkyunkwan University

Seung Hee Lee

Chonbuk National University

Nikhil Balram

Ricoh Innovations Corporation

For his contributions to the large-scale commercialization and technology development of AMOLED Displays.


For his invention, product development, commercialization, and basic research of fringe-field-switching LCD devices.


For his outstanding contributions to image, video, and display processing technology and development of objective image-quality benchmarking methodology that helped bring world-class image quality to mainstream consumer displays.


Slottow-Owaki Prize


Lewis and Beatrice Winner Award


Shunsuke Kobayashi

Tokyo University of Science at Yamaguchi

Anthony C. Lowe

Lambent Consultancy


For his long-term outstanding contributions to the education and training of students and professionals in LCD science and technology.


For his outstanding and sustained contributions to the leadership and governance of the Society and the exceptional benefit provided to SID's members throughout his editorship of the Wiley/SID book series.



2016 Fellow Award

Achintya K. Bhowmik

Intel Corporation

Hideo Hosono

Tokyo Institute of Technology

In Byeong Kang

LG Display Co., Ltd.

For his pioneering contributions in the fields of interactive computing and displays with natural human interface technologies.

For his pioneering research on oxide semiconductors for high-mobility TFTs.

For his many innovative contributions and commercialization of key technologies for large-sized displays, including IPS mode / Cu interconnect, and advanced future display technologies, including oxide TFTs for large OLED TVs.

Changhee Lee

Seoul National University

Chung-Chih Wu

National Taiwan University


For his many contributions to the science and technology of OLED displays and quantum-dot LED displays, including highly efficient and stable devices.

For his distinguished contributions to OLED materials and device research and development.



2016 Special Recognition Award

Jongseo Lee

Samsung Display Co.

Chang Ho Oh

LG Display Co., Ltd.

Tetsuo Urabe

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

For his advancements in display image- quality enhancement and assessment technologies; his devotion to international standardization activities in ICDM, ISO, IEC, and SEMI; and his pioneering work on transparent AMLCDs.


For his research and product development of
IPS-LCD devices and for his product development of OLED displays for TV applications.


For his outstanding contributions to the research and development of OLED display technology for TV applications and for his pioneering contributions to the commercialization of OLED TVs.


Robert J. Visser

Applied Materials

Emi Yamamoto

Sharp Corporation


For his pioneering research and commercialization of new display technologies related to OLEDs, LCD materials, and barrier films, including encapsulation technologies for OLED and flexible displays.

For her contributions to the development of microstructured film which drastically improves the viewing-angle characteristics of TN-LCDs by simply laminating the film to the surface of a panel