1st International Seminar
“Display Optics’04”

St. Petersburg, Russia
October 18-21, 2004


The seminar provides a forum for presentation of research work across the full range of display technologies to a wide international audience. The seminar program will include invited talks, oral and poster presentations. At the same time the 6th International Conference “Applied Optics” continues the series of conferences on optics and its application which have been held since 1994 and focused on optical engineering, optical materials and technologies, computer technologies and optical systems design.

Organized by:

D.S. Rozhdestvensky Optical Society, SID, SID Russia Chapter, SPIE, Vavilov State Optical Institute (SOI), St. Petersburg, Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society, St. Petersburg.

The seminar topics:

- Improvements in optical characteristics of displays (resolution/brightness/gray scale & color/pixel number, etc)
- Optical architecture of displays (front- and back lighting / projection displays / head-mounted displays / retinal displays, etc)
- 3D-displays
- New materials and components
- Characterization and testing of optical parameters
- Optical methods in fabrication of displays
- Applied vision and human factor


Program Committee

Yu.N. Denisyuk (SOI, St. Petersburg)          J.-P. Budin (SID)

M.A. Gan (SOI, St. Petersburg)                    J. Kimmel (SID)

M.G. Tomilin, chair (SOI, St. Petersburg)    I.N. Kompanets (SID Russia)

L.N. Soms (ILP, St. Petersburg)                   V.V. Belyaev (SID Russia)

E.I. Terukov (PhTI, St. Petersburg)               B. Peterson (SPIE)

Yu.A. Nikolaev (PhTI, St. Petersburg)         A.G. Smirnov (SID Belorussia)

M.M. Sychov (TI, St. Petersburg)                V.M. Sorokin (SID Ukraine)


Organizing Committee

V.M. Arpishkin (chair), M.G. Tomilin, E.I. Terukov, Yu.A. Nikolaev (Secretary), M.M. Sychov, L.N. Soms.


Address for communication with Organizing Committee:

Vladimir Arpishkin

Phone/Fax: +7 812 328 1335, E-mail:

D.S. Rozhdestvensky Optical Society, Birzhevaya  line, 12

199034, St. Petersburg, Russia


Paper preparation:

If you would like your presentation to be published in the Conference proceeding please send your paper before September 1, 2004. Papers must be submitted electronically in the RTF* or MS Word format. The paper should not exceed five pages (A4 paper), with 2,5 cm (1 inch) left, right, top and bottom margins. Please use 12 pt Times New Roman font with single line spacing and justification and include figures and tables at the appropriate places of the document. Your document must begin with the following information: Title - (capital letters, 14 pt bold, centered), followed by a blank line. Author(s) – (the initials and the last name(s), centered). Author(s) affiliation(s) and address(es) and the e-mail of the main author (centered). Please send your paper to Vladimir Arpishkin as attachment.

Deadline for registration form and paper: June 15, 2004.

Conference fees:

The full registration fee is US $250, the student fee is US $50. The payment should be made in US dollars and has been initiated by one of the methods detailed below: Money in cash payable, Bank transfer to the following account:


Industry & Construction Bank PLC.

38, Nevsky av.,

191011, St. Petersburg, Russia

Vasileostrovsky Branch

Account number: 40703840311005000016
Legal name: D.S. Rozhdestvensky Optical Society