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Royole Looks To Move Flexible Displays Beyond The Foldable Phone

Leading the bunch is the Mirage Smart Speaker. It’s basically an Amazon echo with an eight-inch flexible AMOLED wrapped around the body. It offers a wraparound visual, so, like a built-in Winamp visualizer on your device. 


This New Wearable Tech Could Let You Control Your TV By Thought Alone

Using the power of your brain to turn up the volume on the TV might be the sort of thing couch potatoes dream of, and it could soon be within their grasp. That is, according to neurotechnology startup NextMind, with the help of their new $399 brain-to-computer interface (BCI) wearable.


MicroLED Could Soon Replace OLED Screens, And Samsung’s First In Line To Try

For the third year in a row, Samsung has wowed the crowds at CES with a wall-size TV to demonstrate an emerging technology called MicroLED. At a staggering 292 inches -- that's over 24 feet -- the newest version of The Wall, as Samsung calls it, is absolutely gigantic, but it's not the only impressively big screen on display at CES this year.


Dressed To Connect: Wearable Tech Expands All Over The Body

From tiredness-detecting driving glasses to shin guards that judge the performance of footballers—we've come a long way since the early days of the pulse-measuring smart watch. Some of the very latest innovations in the burgeoning wearable tech sector were on display this week at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show—offering improved ways to get online and keep on top of health issues.

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This Is How Samsung Wants Future Cars To Look Like

At CES 2020, Samsung along with Harman International showcased its Digital Cockpit solution. Digital Cockpit 2020 incorporates eight displays inside the vehicle, as well as eight cameras. The solution utilises Samsung Exynos Auto V9 SoC, a semiconductor for vehicle electronics, and Android 10, which allow for several features to be run at the same time.


Forget Foldable Phones, The Foldable Lithium-Ion Battery Is Here!

Taking the innovations a step ahead, a South Korean company Jenax has developed a lithium-ion battery that can be bent and rolled. Dubbed as J.Flex, the advanced lithium-ion battery is ultra-thin, flexible, and rechargeable. This battery can be as thin as 0.5mm which is suitable for sensors. J.Flex can also be made as tiny as 20x20mm or as large as 200x200mm.

Display Week 2020, June 7 -12 , at the San Francisco Moscone Convention Center. As the world's leading event focused on the advancement, growth and commercialization of electronic displays, it's the must-attend event of the year. 

Date: June 20, 2017
Time: 6:00 pm Tuesday Evening
Location: Qualcomm, Building B Cafeteria
                                      3165 Kifer Road, 
                                      Santa Clara, CA 95051
Speaker: Dr. Jonathan Waldren, Founder and CTO, Digilens Inc.

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