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Sony’s $5,000 Eye-Tracking Spatial Reality Display Can Create Holograms Without A Headset

Sony's Spatial Reality Display is a pro monitor designed specifically for looking at 3D objects on a desktop without a headset, and it's arriving next month. The display's set on an angle, with an eye-tracking camera on top. The Spatial Reality Display shows 3D objects that move with your eyes.



LG Debuts $87K Rollable Signature OLED R

LG Electronics has announced the launch of the world’s first rollable TV, the LG Signature OLED R (model RX) for ultra-thin ultra-high-definition entertainment. The Signature OLED R features a strikingly smooth 65-inch flexible OLED display that leverages self-lighting pixel technology and individual dimming control, LG explains.


Biometric Update

US Army Plans Biometric Authentication Via Wearables For Operational Systems In the Field

Authentication to the Army’s Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS) will be one of the first use cases wearable-based biometric authentication will be tested with. The Army is also developing a Bluetooth token associated with personnel’s biometrics to replace the CAC.

IEEE Spectrum

IEEE Spectrum

Researchers Pack 10,000 Metasurface Pixels Per Inch In New OLED Display

A new OLED display from Samsung and Stanford can achieve more than 10,000 pixels per inch, which might lead to advanced virtual reality and augmented reality displays, researchers say. The new display uses OLED films to emit white light between two reflective layers, one of which is made of a silver film, whereas the other is a "metasurface," or forest of microscopic pillars each spaced less than a wavelength of light apart.

AV Magazine

AV Magazine

US Launch For Glass With Embedded Micro-LED

Glass buildings can be turned into interactive video canvases, with fully transparent, construction-grade glass with embedded micro-LED, which has been launched on to the American market. The embedded micro-LED technology in GLAAM Media Glass is weatherproofed and protected from the elements, requires far less maintenance and repair than previous offerings, and is estimated to provide 100,000 hours of full brightness over its lifetime.



Samsung Develops Blue Quantum Dot LEDs

Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT), the R&D hub of the Korean electronics giant, has developed a cadmium-free blue quantum dot technology. SAIT was able to achieve a 20.2% improved luminous efficiency, 88,900 nits of maximum luminance and 16,000 hours of QLED lifetime in its blue quantum dots.

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