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Facebook Had Acquired Scape Technologies, The London-based Computer Vision Startup

Scape Technologies, the London-based computer vision startup working on location accuracy beyond the capabilities of GPS, has been acquired by Facebook, according to a regulatory filing. The technology initially targeted augmented reality apps, but also had the potential to be used to power applications in mobility, logistics and robotics. 



Voice Biometrics Are Cleverer Now, But Still Need More Work

HSBC is offering a voice biometric system that, while creating a voice ID, looks for 100 identifiers such as accent, pronunciation, cadence, size of larynx, vocal tract, role of tongue and nasal cavity, which can be used to verify future log-ins by a customer.

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AV Magazine

Samsung Shows QLED 8K Signage That Can Run 24/7

After introducing the world to new possibilities made available by 8K resolution displays, Samsung is pushing the industry another step forward in 2020 with an expansion of QLED 8K SMART displays, new applications of The Wall technology and showcasing the new-and-improved Samsung Flip 2 digital flipchart.

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It’s 2020 And Time For Holographic DJs To Take The Stage?

Previously, holographic performances were mostly to bring back who could not perform. Now, however, some executives in the industry believe live holographic DJ performances could be the next thing, trickling down from bigger performances and eventually to local venues.

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Digital Journal

Sennheiser Introduces Speakerless Immersive Sound

Speakerless 3D immersive audio system by Continental and Sennheiser achieves excellent acoustics by exciting surfaces inside the vehicle to produce sound. The two partners are integrating Sennheiser's patented AMBEO 3D audio technology with Continental's Ac2ated Sound system.


Channel News Asia

Going Digital: Singapore’s Construction Firms Embrace Artificial Intelligence And Virtual Reality

With IDD, firms use digital technology to integrate the entire construction process, from building design to operations and maintenance. IDD uses a collaborative 3D modelling technology called Building Information Modelling (BIM), advanced infocomm and smart technologies.

Display Week 2020, June 7 -12 , at the San Francisco Moscone Convention Center. As the world's leading event focused on the advancement, growth and commercialization of electronic displays, it's the must-attend event of the year. 

Date: June 20, 2017
Time: 6:00 pm Tuesday Evening
Location: Qualcomm, Building B Cafeteria
                                      3165 Kifer Road, 
                                      Santa Clara, CA 95051
Speaker: Dr. Jonathan Waldren, Founder and CTO, Digilens Inc.

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