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Google Works With Augmented Reality Tech Startup Hello TeamSolar

Hello TeamSolar is developing a platform for branded custom AR experiences to be played in large-scale settings across multiple devices in real time. The team will also be working with Google to create applications that support AR location-based services. The startup is creating a platform to deliver content via multiple devices with Google Cloud Anchors.

Digital Trends

Google Maps Will Now Warn You About Disasters And Tell You How Fast You’re Going

Google has announced a Google Maps update will make the app even more useful when there is a natural disaster, while another helpful feature has been spotted by users. Google said in a blog post that the SOS alerts feature of Google Maps was improved by adding visual information during natural disasters, with a new navigation warning system to lead users away from danger.

Biometric Update

Goodix Dominates Smartphone In-Display Fingerprint Market With Fast Optical Scanning

The in-display fingerprint technology which is getting rave reviews for unlocking the new OnePlus 7 Pro in 0.2 seconds is supplied by Goodix, Forbes reports, which also supplies the optical in-display biometrics in the Huawei P30 Pro, Oppo Reno, Vivo Nex Dual Display Edition, and Xaiomi Mi 9.


Next Reality

Magic Leap Achieves Full Hand Tracking And Lays Foundation For MagicVerse With Latest Lumin Update

After improving hand-tracking and adding multi-user sharing features in the last Lumin OS update, Magic Leap has upped the ante yet again. In the Lumin OS 0.95 update (accompanied by SDK 0.21), Magic Leap introduced tracking for eight key poses from varying positions, as well as the ability to recognize gestures without key poses.

India TV

Xiaomi Oclean X: A Smart Electric Toothbrush With Touch Screen

Xiaomi Oclean X is the world’s first touch-screen electric toothbrush that was up for crowdfunding and has managed to bag more than 10 million yuan. The toothbrush comes with a touch-screen display that can be used to set the mode for brushing teeth along with notifications when the brush head needs to be replaced.

Patently Apple

Apple Invents New Features For A Head Mounted Display That Allows A User To Work On Secret Documents

The patent reveals that individuals working on secret documents or on a secret project of one sort or another will be able to see the real document’s content while typing or in review mode only in the head mounted display. The user’s physical display on their desk will either present a unique screen saver or a “dummy document” so that prying eyes of co-workers won’t know what the user is actually working on.

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