Best in Show Awards

Four years ago, the Society for Information Display initiated an exciting new industry honor, the Best in Show awards, highlighting the most significant new products and technologies shown on the exhibit floor during Display Week. "The exhibition at SID's Display Week has often been the initial showcase for some of the most important new product developments and technological innovations of the display industry," said Bob Melcher, former Chairman of the SID Display Awards Committee. For the “Best in Show” awards, an unbiased panel will recognize the exhibits demonstrating the most significant products and developments presented on the exhibit floor at Display Week 2015.

For 2015, an independent panel of display experts will once again review those products, prototypes, and processes nominated for the awards on the show floor, and the winners will be selected for their ability to excite not only display experts, but the general public and press as well. SID will promote local, national, and international press coverage for the prize winners.

This competition will be open to all exhibitors on the show floor during Display Week 2015. Prizes will be awarded regardless of exhibit size. This will allow exhibitors of all sizes to compete. Self-nominations are encouraged! Details of the awards criteria follow.

Nomination forms are due no later than May 15, 2015. To download the nomination form for the Best in Show Award, click here.

Award Evaluation

The Best in Show award is intended to honor the most significant advances in display technology and systems, products, prototypes, and manufacturing processes presented by exhibitors during Display Week.

The award committee will evaluate the exhibit based on timeliness and significance to the display industry of the products, prototypes, processes, and technologies exhibited.

Selection and Presentation

The Display Industry Awards committee of SID will select the 2015 Best in Show award winners based on the self-nomination forms available to all organizations exhibiting during Display Week 2015 and on an onsite review of the nominated exhibits. Final selection will be done at the actual exhibition. Blue Ribbon awards will be presented to the winners at the SID Awards Lunch on Wednesday during Display Week. (The winners will be informed on Tuesday night, prior to the lunch on Wednesday). Winners will be encouraged to mount the blue ribbons in a visible location in their exhibit booths. Award plaques will be provided to the three winners after Display Week.

If you have any questions about the Best in Show awards, please contact:

Danielle Rocco
Palisades Convention Management
411 Lafayette Street, Suite 201
New York, NY 10003
Fax: 212.460.5460


2014 Award Winners

Large Exhibit Category: LG Display for its UD OLED TVs

BOE for its 8K x 4K display

Medium Exhibit Category: AUO for its WQHD ultra high-resolution smartphone displays

Small Exhibit Category: Nanosys for its Dolby-teamed true-to-life display experience with high dynamic range and wide color gamut

GroGlass for its AR-coated glass and acrylic that virtually eliminates reflection

2013 Award Winners

Large Exhibit Category: 3M for its quantum dot color enhancement film

Medium Exhibit Category: E Ink for its three-pigment electronic-paper display

Small Exhibit Category: Cima NanoTech for its self-assembling silver nanoparticle mesh technology
  Universal Display Corporation for its borderless flexible OLED lighting

2012 Award Winners

  • Dimenco for its unique eye-tracking, auto-adjusting stereo 3D display and large-area, multiple-view 4Kx2K display
  • Fraunhofer IPMS-COMEDD for its AMOLED microdisplay with integrated photosensor
  • LG Display for its 55-inch AMOLED TV with white OLEDs and oxide backplane in a thin form factor
  • Ocular LCD Inc. for its 17.0-inch Crystal Touch: TRUE Multi-Touch projected capacitive touch panel that supports 16 simultaneous touch points
  • Samsung for its 55-inch AMOLED TV with RGB OLEDs and LTPS backplane, and Smart DualView feature

2011 Award Winners

  • Samsung for its 70-inch ultra-definition 240Hz 2D-3D LCD panel
  • RealD for its RDZ 3D displays that deliver full-resolution HD 3D images utilizing passive 3D glasses
  • Nanosys for its display demonstration comparing a 47-inch quantum dot-enabled display against a standard TV (sRGB)